Ongoing Exams Megathread

2021.10.19 01:23 notgoingtobeused Ongoing Exams Megathread

This thread is an effort to better monitor rule breaking behavior during the exam window.
Please comment the name of the exam and all relevant comments for that exam will be under it. For example a user should comment "MAS-I" or "LTAM" as the first comment. Then all relevant discussions should be underneath it. Other posts about ongoing exams outside this megathread will be deleted.
Goodluck to all -/actuary moderation team.
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2021.10.19 01:23 Exact_Ad_285 List of some unknown/obscure details that I thought I’d collate in one place for everyone :)

After watching each film quite a few times I’ve noticed a few details that I haven’t seen anyone else point out here, so I thought I’d put them all in one place! I’m sorry in advance if these have been mentioned and I’ve just happened to miss them, feel free to say if you’ve seen these here before :)
1: In the hospital scene in 1994, when the kids run past the group of old people watching the tv, it talks about the story about an unsolved mystery about a housewife. I believe that this housewife is related to the Milkman as he killed 7 housewives in 1950. Not a very important detail, but interesting nonetheless.
2: This one I find a lot more interesting. In 1994 part 2, when Josh picks up Tommy’s axe after the killers all fight, Tommy regenerates with a new axe. However, after the killers explode into dust when Deena kills Nick, the axe doesn’t disappear but instead stays in the mall. I don’t know what this could mean but it has some interesting implications for potential future films.
3: This last one seems like a bit of a plot hole but it could easily be explained away. In 1994, Kate says that she hadn’t heard of Ruby Lane when Josh tells the other kids about her, but in 1978, Alice sees all of the names in the cave and is clearly familiar with a lot of them as she says that you don’t have to go to class to know those names. Not really much to say here but there’s probably an explanation I’m missing so if you do know, please feel free to help in the comments!
To end with, I’d like to just add some details I’ve only seen mentioned 1 or 2 times to bring more attention to them
4: I know there’s a lot of debate about whether Isaac Milton is The Grifter or The Shame Killer, and if Cyrus Fuller is either of them too. In the end credits for 1994 (and likely the other 2), Keil Oakley Zepernick (the actor of the character) is credited as “Shame Killer” Isaac Milton. I hope this helps!
5: Lots of people say that Ruby was the only killer to kill herself, but Isaac Milton did too ‘with a pocket knife’.
6: Billy Barker’s bat was previously owned by Isaac Milton, and was used to kill two people with the surname Milton.
7: Ruby apparently has a symbol painted on her body, said to be either blood or carved into her skin. I initially neglected to include this one because I didn’t notice it when I made my backstory for her, but I thought I could probably add it in later anyway.
8: In 1978, after Cindy dies and the killers all disappear, Tommy disappears too. As the devil chose to revive his body rather than produce it from the heart, his body would never have been found.
I’m going to throw in all of the killers’ dates here incase people need them.
Ryan Torres/Skull Mask: 1st October 1994 Thomas SlateCamp Nightwing Killer: 19th July 1978 Ruby Lane: 11th February 1965 Harry RookeThe Milkman: 14th May 1950 Ed Carson/Humpty Dumpty Killer: 1935 William/Billy Barker: 1922 Isaac Milton/Cyrus FulleShame KilleThe Grifter: 1904 Pastor Cyrus Miller: 23rd July 1666
A final question to end on:
I’ve pretty much got all of my plot points ready for my Milkman backstory, but one thing I’m unsure of is how he got around and into the houses. I don’t think he drove around, walking to each house and ringing the doorbell seems more plausible but as it’s the devil he doesn’t seem like the most patient being. If anyone knows for a fact how he did it, or even has theories regarding it, I would love to hear them :)
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2021.10.19 01:23 vexatez M25 - Just turned 25! Hello!

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2021.10.19 01:23 Not_Sharpie Finally caught my fav!

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2021.10.19 01:23 TheWrinklyDog Geometric Wallpaper – Nordic Star By Heatherdutton – Mid Century Navy Yellow Gray Star Removable Self Adhesive Wallpaper Roll by Spoonflower by Spoonflower

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2021.10.19 01:23 Mari0G4mer Summon Question.

So, there’s different cutscenes that occur when you summon characters and it either increases or decreases the rarity of a better ranked character. Is there a list for that somewhere?
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2021.10.19 01:23 chamacchan Milo notices and wants to touch

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2021.10.19 01:23 praha_the_botv ツ箱にゃ😸✨新刊通販 @tubakonyaoanz1

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2021.10.19 01:23 RiversideAviator Draft Tonight - 1st Pick Luka or Joker?

I Keep flip-flopping on who I want
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2021.10.19 01:23 stark3000 Best places on campus for virtual interview?

Anyone know of any quiet and private places on campus where i can take my mask off and have a virtual interview?
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2021.10.19 01:23 SlyMoonLlama I’m hopping on this trend. Make assumptions about me!

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2021.10.19 01:23 CursedCoreYT Deltarune Gameplay
Welcome to Cursed Core, the most cursed channel on Youtube. We will be uploading anything and everything that we feel may entertain us, you all, or even both! Today The Group plays Deltarune, some for the first time, and some for a repeat playthrough. Join along to see the differing perspectives!
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2021.10.19 01:23 TigerPepperoni Automatic feeder for multiple cats?

They have automatic feeders galore, but I can't find what I'm looking for!
A feeder exists that only opens for cats with designated microchips, but I've got 4 cats.
Anyone know of a feeder that would only open for a designated animal (microchip or special tag) with multiple bowls? So I could have a bowl with a normal portion that only opens for one cat, and another bowl with a diet food for my one overweight boy that only opens for him? No theft allowed?
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2021.10.19 01:23 _Noodle_arm_ You gonna move buddy?!?

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2021.10.19 01:23 xlDirteDeedslx Don't listen to the Swamp RINO King, vote out the RINOs!

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2021.10.19 01:23 crunkelz Shorts never covered. Count me in for another 10k. Thanks for the DD SEC!

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2021.10.19 01:23 RiseCascadia Colin Powell, Politely Anguished War Criminal, Dead at 84

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2021.10.19 01:23 OkPossession4404 Any forza fans on here ?

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2021.10.19 01:23 Rooosifer If anything, New World just made my heart ache for ArcheAge. Any hope?

In my mind, ArcheAge, when it first released in the west, was the most fun I’ve had in an mmo. Every single aspect minus the P2W was incredible, even the terrible rng for upgrading gear. Playing New World has just made me realize how no game so far has managed to fill the void this game has left.
Is there any hope of returning, or is it basically ruled by the strong 1% who stuck around? The game used to be so alive. I remember doing our first runs to that island up north (forgot the name). We had like 30 clippers, a few galleons, can’t even recall anyone have a merchant ship back then. Multiple guild pulling together to all go turn in their little noob packs each for some money.
To all my old friends on Inoch, and eventually Hanure after the merge, I hope everyone is doing well, I miss the memories.
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2021.10.19 01:23 Xanthalium You can tell when someone talks italian in a 10 feet radius.

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2021.10.19 01:23 trevormooresoul Anyone know why Trevor's Case at LA Coroner was removed?

I look at it from time to time to see what the official cause of death gets ruled as. It has been pending for a long, long time. Now it's suddenly gone altogether. Has there been any news anyone has heard, or a reason why it could have been removed?
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2021.10.19 01:23 WilliamBott We get it, we get it, you're leaving. Nobody cares.

I'm going to be that guy and say it. Nobody here cares if you are selling your 100 TFuel and dumping it into DOGE/SHIB/some other shit coin. If you don't believe in Theta, nobody is forcing you to stay. Sell your coins and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. You don't need to keep making dramatic posts as if there is a single person on this sub following you for financial advice.
Seriously, we have no idea who any of you are and we don't care. Bye.
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2021.10.19 01:23 looby_gub Tsuruno got drip

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2021.10.19 01:23 MaxelAmador Spatial Audio with Sonos Surround no longer working?

Anyone else with a surrounds set up (specifically Sonos) notice Spatial audio isn't working? It's only playing on my sound bar. My two little speakers are quiet and I have to turn it off to get them to make noise with Apple Music. Work just fine with TV show surrounds.
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2021.10.19 01:23 SCP_FoundationARMA [A3][Recruiting][US][SCP/Horror] The Foundation | New Player Friendly | Immersion | MOS Selection

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