I came out to my parents today and they didn’t say anything supportive, just that it’s going to be hard. Idk how to feel.

2021.10.19 01:23 enby_owl987 I came out to my parents today and they didn’t say anything supportive, just that it’s going to be hard. Idk how to feel.

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2021.10.19 01:23 _Skytx_ sometimes you cry for help so much you start to not recognise the word

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2021.10.19 01:23 Soggy_Carry8114 Cal Poly to Convert to Semester Schedule

Today in President Armstrong's email it was announced that Cal Poly will convert to the semester schedule. I've spoken with several friends and faculty and know that we're not isolated in thinking that this is a seriously misguided decision. The email addressed 3 points, raised by the Chancellor, that are supposed to be justification for why we should convert to a semester schedule.

  1. " First, a semester calendar will better allow us to address some important articulation and equity issues" Despite being very vague about how a semester schedule would address articulation and equity issues, I disagree that it would achieve this. In terms of articulation, we already have a system in place for students who transfer from semester-based community colleges or other CSU's to Cal Poly. Course substitution forms and the existing methods are much simpler than changing Cal Poly's entire infrastructure. All of the UC's (aside from Berkeley and Merced) are on the same schedule as Cal Poly, schools that are known for making strides towards articulation and equity issues. Equality wise, I see no evidence to suggest that a semester schedule would help underprivileged students. In my (anecdotal) evidence, a number of underprivileged students I know actually chose Cal Poly because of the quarter system. A quarter system allows students who are paying their own way through college to take time-off more easily i.e. (a quarter on, a quarter off to work, a quarter on, a quarter off to work). Quarter systems also allow more flexibility for students who have dynamic and stressful home-situations, should they need to drop out for a short period of time. Financially, the quarter system shouldn't be much more expensive than a semester system, and other initiatives (such as those mentioned in the email) could be taken to make Cal Poly less expensive for underprivileged students. I would argue that a complete overhaul of our schools infrastructure would be much more expensive (and unneeded).
  2. "second, it will enhance student success in several areas, such as summer internship start and end dates and study abroad" This is simply untrue. The working industry loves to recruit from Cal Poly over most California schools. Internships are well equipped for the quarter-system, recruiting from both Cal Poly, many prestigious UC's on the quarter system, and Stanford who also follows a quarter system. The quarter system is also not unique to California. Several other schools across the US are on the quarter system (Oregon State, Northwestern, University of Washington, just to name a few). This is also the case abroad with schools existing on the quarter system. Some study abroad programs that friends of mine participated in were only possible because the schools abroad were on the quarter system. Changing to a semester system would hurt our relations with these universities for student exchanges.
  3. " and third, we can achieve greater administrative efficiency both locally at Cal Poly and more widely as part of the CSU system." This seems like a blanket phrase, again with no backing evidence. A complete overhaul of semesters to quarters would be incredibly disruptive administratively as well as on the professostudent side. Everything about Cal Poly would have to change (tuition, degree flowcharts, curriculums, ASI programs, etc). The only thing it would solve is being on the same schedule as the other CSU's, which Cal Poly has shown it can operate fine on a differing schedule. Also, I want to keep this message as polite as possible, but Cal Poly has consistently year-after-year ranked far and above all the other CSU schools academically. Cal Poly stands out in industry for our learn-by-doing model, having a rigorous admission process, and preparing students well for industry/graduate school. Anecdotally, I have seen Cal Poly recognized in industry as one of the best schools in the country, standing out from the other CSU's. Based on our performance, they could change to our schedule (I realize this is unlikely). Students who wish to transfer from other CSU's to Cal Poly, or vice-versa, are also not currently at a disadvantage. Course substitution forms can be filled out, which again I would argue is easier than a complete overhaul.
These points addressing the President's email aside, I would like to raise some other concerns.
In summary, the switch to a semester-based school is not only a waste of time and money, but would likely be a detriment to Cal Poly. Additionally, switching to a semester-based school provides no evidence that it would help with diversity and equity, which could be achieved in better and more efficient ways.
Students, professors, faculty, and alumni: I urge anyone who agrees to take a position to keep Cal Poly on the quarter system. Start facebook pages and community groups, speak to those who are unaware of the change, reach out to alumni, and contact the President's office/Chancellor's office. Indeed, I know I'll be participating in these actions. The Office of the President's email is [presidentsoffice@calpoly.edu](mailto:presidentsoffice@calpoly.edu). The Chancellor's email is [csu-chancellor@calstate.edu](mailto:csu-chancellor@calstate.edu).

Thank you all for your time.
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2021.10.19 01:23 THAT_BLa You sure these guys are farming sugar and not digging dirt?

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2021.10.19 01:23 dionthepeon if you’re not in the halloween spirit yet, watch these movies.

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2021.10.19 01:23 GAhotwifeCpl Starting to grow out again

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2021.10.19 01:23 KunktheMunk SAS scale with Marvel legends

How well would marvel legend scale with SAS? specifically the heads of these series. has anyone here tried swapping them and seeing how they fit?
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2021.10.19 01:23 kevvyvan Would a lady back then rewear her dresses?

Those dresses look so delicate and fragile. How would one wash them? Also, would a lady be castigated for wearing the same outfit to more than one social event?
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2021.10.19 01:23 hodgsonnn what piece of advice has someone gave you that turned out to be complete horse shit ?

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2021.10.19 01:23 UnConsciousCake If u saw one of my previous post u would know about the wonder I tried to create in a level well...

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2021.10.19 01:23 ForrestHump411 Which records you want for xmas??

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2021.10.19 01:23 BenTheMaestro My first OG 2TC with icicles and WLP, does it count as 2 since icicle impale WLP hasn't been done before?

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2021.10.19 01:23 PSUAmandaC2010 Meet Dobby he will be 13 weeks tomorrow

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2021.10.19 01:23 frank_sinatra_69 Watching this grow makes me happy. How much have you guys put into your collection?

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2021.10.19 01:23 vaish7848 Empress of Annam (present-day Vietnam) Nam Phương at Vatican - 1939

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2021.10.19 01:23 Mellissap115 Irregular period on spironolactone

I've been on Spironolactone 100mg for 3 months (Aug 2021 - Oct 2021) for PCOS related hairloss. Since starting I've been having irregular periods after a year of missing my period completely. I'm getting my period every 2 weeks with spotting in between. Physically I feel fine, it's more so an inconvenience, especially when it comes to intercourse.
When I asked my dermatologist if my period would regulate, she just replied with "it might not". Has anyone else had similar experiences?
I was on birth control (Alysse & Yaz) from 2011-May 2020. I stopped because it was giving me horrible headaches and in 2018 it started giving me very bad hair loss. I saw several doctors (family, dermatologist, endochrologist, and ogyn) none of them would help with the hair loss or made the connection to the bcp. I made the connection on my own and stopped taking it May 2020. By August, my hair stopped falling and was growing back.
In Jan 2021, I guess my hormones from the PCOS started to get irregular again and the hair loss started back due to high testosterone (confirmed by hormonal blood work). The dermatologist Im seeing now recommended the spriro. I'm already seeing great results so I'll be devastated if I need to stop taking it because of the periods.
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2021.10.19 01:23 Meeks1997 Drug test for work

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2021.10.19 01:23 NewsElfForEnterprise The film academy's chief executive, Dawn Hudson, will step down at end of term

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2021.10.19 01:23 crappytaffy I need your wisdom for my 5600g once again.

so I was checking the box on my asrock b550m pro4 mobo and it says that it zen 3 ready, but it does not support 3400g or 3200g, which makes sense because their zen +, but even though my 5600g is zen 3, I'm worried that it's not compatible, and I'm scared of opening the box to check the bios, because then I couldn't return it, I want to know your thoughts on it before I have to stop being a wuss, nutt up and open the box.
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2021.10.19 01:23 buttmunch8 Confirmed shill? Why do they need to say it's a popcorn report lmayo.

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2021.10.19 01:23 KeyFromEll Man solicits me for pictures of me in a skirt that he also offers to send to me 😨

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2021.10.19 01:23 DaLionheart101 hmmm

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2021.10.19 01:23 ELmachine78 para pensar señores

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2021.10.19 01:23 SaitoNetwork AMA Recap: Saito x Sifchain

AMA Recap: Saito x Sifchain We are excited to announce that Saito is now available on Sifchain. Our co-founder Richard Parris held an exclusive AMA with Sifchain on Telegram at 13:00 on October 15 (UTC)
We are very pleased to share that the AMA was a huge success, and Richard got to answer many awesome questions. To those who missed the AMA and to those interested to learn something about Saito, stay tuned as we curate his answers in this AMA recap.
Transcript begins here.
Q1: What are you hoping to get out of the partnership – why does it matter to Saito?
When you start a project like Saito, all you want is that someone notices, and pays attention. When you start to build a community, it means everything to the project. I am really excited about the partnership for two reasons.
One is to join our communities together; to introduce the Saitozens to what is happening on Sifchain, and to meet all the folks here and let them know what we are doing.
The other is pragmatic. When I got into bitcoin (2013), exchanges were just starting to take over and dominate the space. And we took it for granted that companies like Huobi and Bitfinex and Okex would dominate the space. Some of us were into Bitcoin as money, and others were more excited by the idea of web 3.0./ That was the real draw for me.
No matter what you were interested in, you were stuck with exchanges and centralized infrastructure for most things though. Now we have real innovation going on creating decentralized (and affordable) ways to transact and share monetary and other value.
Glad to be bringing more options to our community.
Q2: Can you tell us a little about Saito – you are a web 3.0 project?
Like I said before, when Bitcoin came along, it was cool to have independent internet money, but what struck a lot of us was how amazing it was to have an independent network, one that could pay for itself. That, really, was the birth of the ideas people call ‘Web 3.0’… a user-owned and independent web. Problem was that was, that Bitcoin barely scales, and it was pretty clear within the Bitcoin community that this was an issue.
The first ideas for Saito were formed during the ‘blocksize war’ when the bitcoin community was splintering and Ethereum was new on the scene. David, my co-founder, had a unique take, and asked a question most people ignored: .’If we can scale technically, web 3.0 still involves huge numbers of servers in data centers, who is going to pay for that…?’’
Proof of Work and Proof of Stake pay only for mining or staking. Both rely on volunteers to run the actual network. Individuals for BTC and Infura for ETH, as examples. Saito is a different kind of blockchain – a network, not a distributed ledger – that solves this problem. Saito pays routing network nodes for their work, not miners or stakes. So it scales economically. This is important for web 3.0 as it lets us keep everything independent.
We have a live network that demonstrates how this comes together at satio.io/dotarcade, where you can use Polkadot tokens on the Saito Arcade.
Q3: What are you most excited about at the moment?
A few things. We did an IDO earlier this year, it was a real wake-up to just how much is happening in the industry. As a project using decentralized tools like Uniswap, and not Sifchain rather than exchanges etc. is, for me, part of the Web 3.0 vision coming true. We are starting to see real services, things people can use to live, interact, run businesses etc. emerge. Combining these tools with some of the more boring uses for NTFs – like certificates of ownership, or status etc…
These come together to give us the toolkit to build the real-world applications and services people need… and want from Web 3.0. Saito being part of this is super exciting for me. Again, building the dot arcade stuff and seeing how we can support other projects to ‘stay open and stay Web 3.0’ is really motivating for me. So, really excited by the maturing of the industry and the variety of projects and ideas out there.
Q4: What are people building on Saito? How does that work without smart contracts?
Saito is quite different from what most people in this space are used to.
It is simplest to understand Saito as a network – not a database, or information store.
Users on Saito are identified with keys they create and own, and applications they use can use these to establish on and off-chain encrypted communication. The important thing is ‘universal broadcast’ and having enough space in transactions to send real data.
The first of these is an essential feature of Bitcoin and all real blockchains.
You can send a message (usually money) to anyone on the network without permission, you just send it to their key. If you can do that, and your message can have enough information in it – you can perform a key swap (technically a Diffie Hellmann key exchange) with anyone on the network and no one can stop you. This is a critical part of Web 3.0 – the basis of the independence you can bake in, so the businesses, no matter their model or techniques cannot lock users in. None of this requires smart contracts, and, in fact, would not scale if they were introduced. You can get more detail on how Saito works at saito.io so won’t go further into the weeds.
Q5: Tell us a bit about your roadmap and what is coming up for Saito? Any sneak previews?
There are a few key areas we are working on. First is the ‘data-center ready’ client. An update and battle-ready version of the node software. At the same time, we are continuing the work we did to create the dot arcade to extend our ability to support other cryptos and NFTs simply and easily in Saito apps.
We are also really dedicated to growing and serving our community. Our partnership with Sifchain is part of that, and we plan to keep up this work, picking up development partners and growing our base.
We also don’t take our eye off the everyday things, like growing our team, and the people contributing to the ecosystem.
Open Questions
Q1: If a crypto newbie came and asked you “What does Saito do?” how would you answer in simple terms? Also, do you think the problem Saito is trying to fix hasn’t really started appearing?
Saito is a high capacity data network that pays for itself.
Is the quickest answer.
The cool bit of the question is actually part two, as, they totally have.
Some examples:
– The Bitcoin scaling debate and people arguing about the size of blocks.
– Miners in the PoW space hoarding and selling transactions to make money.
– DPoS systems close off openness in networks to allow closed groups to distribute profits to themselves.
– DAGs and other structures losing important features like universal broadcast in the name of scaling.
– 80+% of ETH transactions being gate kept by Infura…
These are all things that Saito predicted – and they are all things that undermine Web 3.0 from working.
Q2: Could you tell us about your Saito arcade, is it some kind of game?
There are a bunch of games available on the arcade.
We initially built them to show off what the network can do. The interactions in games can be super, super complex, often more complex than in business applications etc.
So, – if you can build a game like Twilight Struggle, you can build just about anything.
I wanna test it, it seems like a trend for the blockchain games.
Q3: Please tell us more about use cases on your chain, it seems the most important thing for network
A great example to understand the kind of thing that Saito can do is:
Imagine you have an IOT security camera you set up to watch your house or family.
Anything like that, – now, – requires a third-party company you just have to trust won’t look into your stream. With Saito you can very simply set a wallet on the camera and on your phone. To connect – the phone just sends the camera an on-chain message, with its location on the open Internet and its part of a key swap.
The Camera sends back info about where it is, and it’s half of the key swap.
The Camera can now encrypt a stream – off-chain – and send it directly to the phone.
No need to trust that some dodgy admin at the company will watch the feed, no need to trust that the company will keep operating and not brick your hardware when they turn off their servers. It’s this kind of thing that we will need to make web 3.0 work.
For more updates, please do follow Saito’s official social media pages: Twitter Telegram Blog Discord Reddit Youtube
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2021.10.19 01:23 Due-Hunter9566 🐉Welcome to Draconite Token🐉

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