Dolphin at Torrey Pines

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2021.10.19 00:26 SanDiegoLibreBot Dolphin at Torrey Pines

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2021.10.19 00:26 Cruisinjlb Town Mattress has a Type!

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2021.10.19 00:26 malathan1234 ANAKIN SKYWALKER VS NEO

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2021.10.19 00:26 gloriathefirst I attended my first social meeting, and I was a nervous wreck

It was a club meeting, and I was excited initially, but everyone there was extroverted, and I became so nervous. We were told to introduce ourselves, and I started having an anxiety attack. I declined when it was my turn as I was already crying ( but wearing glasses so no one could see). Someone even asked for my name, and I couldn’t even say it right. It took like four times repeating my name in different ways before they could finally get it. I couldn’t speak and just smiled or nodded my head throughout. I thought I’d gotten better, but I was wrong.
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2021.10.19 00:26 jimmyturnip Change-of-pace session for CoS: the Procession

A quick re-cap of a cool session I ran as part of my CoS campaign. Just before our group of 10th-level PCs was about to enter Castle Ravenloft for the final time, the players and I were all getting a bit tired of the slog of CoS, and I decided we needed a change of pace. I ran a flashback session with a difference.
The session starts exactly one year before the events in the adventure. Mordenkainen has just arrived in Barovia, and has rallied a group of villagers and adventurers, all 1st-level characters, to follow him into Castle Ravenloft and flush out Strahd. I created 20-odd 1st-level pregens and handed out the first five to each of the players. Because the main PCs have met Mordenkainen and restored his memory, the players all know this will be a suicide mission. In the courtyard of the castle, the archmage bids everyone good luck, and then flies off to find his quarry.
Splitting into groups, the 1st-level characters - including the PCs - proceed carefully through main entrance and into the castle. Our heroes get pretty far, up to the first landing even, before the first of them is killed. Immediately, another pregen comes running round the corner to replace the fallen hero. On they go, until they've burned through about eight more of the pregens (and literally burned half the castle down).
The session ends with the surviving members of the party desperately trying extinguish the Heart of Sorrow before they are overrun by the vampire spawn climbing the high tower towards them. Just as light from the giant crystal fades, their own lights are also snuffed out forever.
It was so good, a proper Rogue One ending for those characters (one player: "finally, these were the true heroes!"). Later, as the present-day 10th-level party scoured the castle, they saw some of the effects of the Procession's attempted assault. We played it so that even though Strahd had had a year to repair the Heart of Sorrow, the actions of these doomed souls had given the group in the present an advantage in the final fight. Of course, when they did finally meet Strahd, the devil was surrounded by vampire spawn - the very heroes they had played a few sessions earlier! Mwahahah!
Just thought I'd share a stand-out moment from my Curse of Strahd campaign. I think it really gave us the boost we needed to take on Castle Ravenloft and push on to the end of the module.
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2021.10.19 00:26 WaterEater444 More and more negative

I just turned on send receipts on my phone and my FP has left me on read for a week I just thought they weren’t getting my texts guess there actively ignoring me well great
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2021.10.19 00:26 RockingTheGarage The Morphics by The Morphics (Full Album)
The Morphics - garage punk from Peterborough, UK
This is a compilation album featuring tracks from the first EP 'Attack Of The Morphics' and from a live radio session from 2019, plus other recordings originally intended as demos and made remotely between 2020 and 2021. All tracks were remixed and remastered from the original releases.
released October 3, 2021
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2021.10.19 00:26 tmf32282 Viable Fist-adin? for PvM I mean

I'm a novice, and playing D2R on ps5.
I've done my reading and yes, I know fistadin does not seems great for mobs. Can the combo with holy shock, bolt and conviction get me through nightmare? How far?
-Can I put a few points in vengeance to mix it up melee?
I'm jumping into nightmare now and getting crushed solo getting to andariel. I want to do some farming. Is it better to farm baal in normal or just regular nightmare act 1?
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2021.10.19 00:26 DiverAffectionate178 defy your leaders and liberate the human race it’s not too late

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2021.10.19 00:26 user21403 Second procedure

I had subinguinal open varicocelectomy about 4 months ago and ultrasound confirmed a varicocele, is it possible to do a microsurgical procedure still, or does the scar negate this?
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2021.10.19 00:26 channelgroove Anyone else notice the room Zatanna and Klarion fight in is COVERED in blood?

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2021.10.19 00:26 your_huckleberry249 [WTS] Arisaka inline scount mount // Magpul aluminum offset mount (FL)

Arisaka $35 obo
Magpul $20
Take them both for $50
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2021.10.19 00:26 PolarBear1913 Any good pin backs that'll keep this on my jacket well?

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2021.10.19 00:26 freehand59 Vega 56 in 2021?

Hey guys,
I first looked into a hackintosh two years ago and bought a Vega 56 for my PC to eventually set up a dual boot or something. I never got around to installing MacOS, but I find myself upgrading my PC as I've been able to get my hands on a 3080ti.
Is a Vega 56 still worth using in 2021? I searched and saw posts of people using one, but it seems like they are older systems and weren't built recently.
Parts I would be using - Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56 Ryzen 5 1600af ASRock Fata1ty B450 ITX Motherboard 16gb 3200mhz RAM
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2021.10.19 00:26 AusCOVID19 NSW records 273 COVID-19 cases and four deaths, with 589 in hospital

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2021.10.19 00:26 SoulArcher916 I live in spain without the s

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2021.10.19 00:26 ALXS1989 At what point in history did humans start naming their children or themselves?

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2021.10.19 00:26 Splunkmastah Question for my fellow builders

Should I use a Gold wand for the Elder Wand?
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2021.10.19 00:26 higheronkolob Reddit help me name her!

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2021.10.19 00:26 echoCashMeOusside How did you figure out the perfect place to move?

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2021.10.19 00:26 M4ttReddit K R O M E R (Made by me)

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2021.10.19 00:26 cothomps Ron Washington: the real ex-Twin hero of the game.

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2021.10.19 00:26 robotic-rambling How long of a dry spell will SRS cause in my relationship?

I know there can be some effects on libido and there's a healing period. But I just started seeing this girl, and things are really spicy in the bedroom. I'm kind of nervous about my SRS causing a dry spell in our relationship. And I'd like to be able to continue doing intimate acts as soon as possible after SRS. I'm mostly a giver most of the time anyways. So I guess I'm curious how soon I would be able to continue going down on my partner. As well as how soon we would be able to grind up against each other and that kind of thing.
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