[Hiring] 2022 Applied Science Internship - Information Retrieval, NLU, Machine Learning - Job ID: 1733260 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

2021.10.19 02:02 introsort [Hiring] 2022 Applied Science Internship - Information Retrieval, NLU, Machine Learning - Job ID: 1733260 | Amazon.jobs (Amazon)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see 2022 Applied Science Internship - Information Retrieval, NLU, Machine Learning - Job ID: 1733260 | Amazon.jobs
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2021.10.19 02:02 y0uslash I found a Zerg cheese. Can you all guess it?

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2021.10.19 02:02 Aromatic_Service_250 Retirement plans for international student's parent CSS profile

Hi, I just don't understand xd, should I put others?? or just blank?
I mean, in my country they can choose their plan of retirement when they are about to retire, not now. soo I am lost:c
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2021.10.19 02:02 Inevitable_Sense_850 Gift grind for the boys

2092 5938 5497
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2021.10.19 02:02 boogeymns #moparmonday

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2021.10.19 02:02 Brilliant_Diamond_91 Will love ever find me?

Just writing this out to get my thoughts out, I'm 19 years old and I have never felt love towards anyone, I don't understand how people start dating each other and I don't understand how people can just get someone to date them that easily. I have never been in a relationship because I feel no romantic interest towards anyone I've met in my entire life.
I don't even find people ugly or handsome/pretty, they are all just normal looking to me, I literally feel nothing towards them lookwise.
I don't know if I'm the one blocking out the feeling of romantic love subconsciously but it really sucks. I have literally 0 interest in people when it comes to romantic relationships.
These past few days I've just been feeling like I'm abnormal because of that and lonely too, I really want to find platonic love but I just don't feel anything romantic towards people.
Will I be alone forever? Some people are just meant to be alone their entire life and maybe that's the case with me but it really sucks to feel like this. I just want to live a nice platonic love.
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2021.10.19 02:02 Midnight_Meltdown Yamask on me 3706 7627 0597 GDoubleEK

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2021.10.19 02:02 larsenicacid The most uneven trilogy? 😆 Road Rash 1-3 with different sized box each! First one slim but with more height and depth, second normal height but fat, then _almost_ normal sized Road Rash 3 which has such a different cover that was that for rental? (has rental sticker) And why the size differences?

The most uneven trilogy? 😆 Road Rash 1-3 with different sized box each! First one slim but with more height and depth, second normal height but fat, then _almost_ normal sized Road Rash 3 which has such a different cover that was that for rental? (has rental sticker) And why the size differences? submitted by larsenicacid to SEGAGENESIS [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 02:02 Frosty_Vanilla_4615 does he love me?

I (F) and my friend (M) have been very close for about 2 years. I have feelings for him but i am not sure how he feels about me. I am scared to tell him how I feel because I do not want to lose our relationship. He is very close to another girl and I know she likes him but was turned down by him in the past (before I was part of his life). They have a similar relationship that him and I have but it is apparent that she "likes" him while she is just a friend.
I would hate to be in similar situation - where I am just another girl who likes him.
How can I tell if he likes me enough to be romantically involved?
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2021.10.19 02:02 Docxairo This is an outfit idea I had. So I drew it out

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2021.10.19 02:02 aardvark_quokka [Academic] Financial strategies for couples (US couples in long-term relationships)

Hello! For our class project on human-computer interaction, we need to collect information on how couples manage their shared finances. If you could take this brief survey (it should only take around 5 minutes), this would be super helpful! Thank you so much!
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2021.10.19 02:02 RockieFazbear I have been doing Goretober all October and made two pieces for today with Neon Gore and two days ago of Plants. I hope you guys like it!

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2021.10.19 02:02 craftycrifter 30 [M4F] looking for new people to get to know/talk to. Bonus points if you’re into law

Let’s talk! I’m constantly working so always up for a distraction. I’m attractive, funny and pretty good at holding a convo. Send your user and I’ll add you up.
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2021.10.19 02:02 penguinornithopter My AdMech army is finally done! What a ride.

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2021.10.19 02:02 MySyndromeIsDown evill hank hill be like: "i FUCKING HATE PROPANE AND PROPAnE EXCESSORYS "

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2021.10.19 02:02 Sister_cat "Horsegirl" is a feminist issue - why girls benefit from handling horses

Hi there! I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while. I hope there's some equestrian women here who understand the struggle!
Ever since I was young, I've loved horses. I am sure many of you have had a "horsey" phase - it's one of those things that girls are typically interested in. The percentage of women in equestrian disciplines is also way higher than men. I have thought a lot about why that is, and I have come across an article which states that it's essentially because it is a way for young girls to feel assertive in a society that conditions them to have no boundaries.
The thing about handling horses is, you need to have strong boundaries. Whether it be physical (horses invade each other's spaces in a struggle of dominance), or mental (they will constantly "test" the competence of the herd leader in different ways). Only when you have proven to the horse that you have boundaries and that you will reinforce them every single time, you will gain their respect as their herd leader and be able to build an equal relationship with it.
Now don't get me wrong - these boundaries are not about violence or power! They're not about beating the horse when it doesn't do something you want or abusing it. It is simple actions, such as gently pushing it away from you when it enters your space invasively, repeating exercises it didn't want to perform to test your leadership, liberty work etc. It is understanding the horse's needs and signals while at the same time consistently enforcing boundaries. Understanding needs and signals is natural to girls, as women are more empathetic and read subtleties better than men. What girls can benefit from in horse riding however, is learning that they MUST have strong rules and boundaries to preserve their position and guarantee their wellbeing. And most importantly; handling and being around horses proves that empathy and boundaries MUST come together.
I have first-hand experience of this - when I returned to riding (around 15 years old), I was the typical feminine-conditioned girl. I was taught to be soft, put others' needs before mine, never be 'bossy' - essentially a total push-over with no respect for my abilities, no boundaries and no self esteem. I was wondering 'Why don't the horses respect me? Why are they not receptive to what I am trying to communicate? I am treating them softly, stopping when they don't feel like working with me anymore, giving up on exercises when they went wrong, what am I missing?'. I read countless books and articles about their psyche and their needs to figure out what I was doing wrong.
5 years later, I am a confident woman, with a zero-level tolerance for crossing my boundaries. I have become a good equestrian - the same horses that would not pay me any attention a few years ago now respond to my communication not because they got to know me, but because over time I learned to establish myself as a good leader deserves their trust because they know I won't abuse my position.
Now this led me to thinking - are men who mock 'crazy horse girls' secretly aware of this? Do they call us that because in their eyes a woman who demands respect from the get-go, who has untouchable boundaries, and who will not be used by others for her empathy seems crazy to them? Do they feel threatened by the 'horse girl'?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this! And to end this post: if any of you wonderful women have daughters who are interested in horses, support them! If you have had an interest in horses as a child, why not give it another go? If your daughter seems bored, or is keen to try out new hobbies, take her for a taster day to the barn! The equestrian community is (in my experience) a women-dominated one, and a wonderful place to learn from strong leading women. I owe all my confidence and character to those amazing animals and the amazing women who spend their lives handling them <3
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2021.10.19 02:02 joeskunk CIFR and the Gold Standard of Valuing Miners

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2021.10.19 02:02 aless0_08 soy yo el malo por decirle a la novia de mi amigo que el se estaba chamuyando a otra?

soy yo el malo por decirle a la novia de mi amigo que el se estaba ligando a otra?
estaba en llamada con unos amigos y nos pusimos a hablar de las parejas de mi curso en ese momento un amigo estaba saliendo con una mina de otra escuela pero como qe traia algo con una mina de un curso menor al nuestro entonces que nos pusimos a hablar del tema entre todos y salio que el webonaso segun ya se habia aburrido de esta morra y por eso le estaba hablando a la otra weona(ojo esto no era especulacion o algo habia capturas con otras amigas ya que el tenia como una costumbre de enviarle a las mujeres de nuestro grupo de amigos cuando hacia algun lige o algo segun el para ponerlas celosas) y a mi me parecio correcto decirle a la novia(ahora ex de mi amigo) y me dijo que gracias por avisarle y que ya habia terminado con el entonces hoy todos mis amigos me tiraron una rebronca de que estaba mal de que no le debi haber dicho de que me pase de verga entonces queria ver que opinaban ustedes
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2021.10.19 02:02 thepkmncenter Discussion: How do you think our migrant communities have positively shaped Australia?

I was having an interesting conversation with my friend about Australian food - and the idea how it's actually pretty hard to define exactly what it is (beyond the meat pie cliches), but at the same time, everyone we know who has come here from another country say the quality of our food is amazing.
It got me thinking - what ways would you say our way of life and culture has been influenced by the influence of our diverse communities that call us home? Food is an obvious one but I'm trying to think of others.
I like the idea that Australia's culture is defined by inviting the world and their culture in, mixing it all together and making it our own. Do you agree with that?
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2021.10.19 02:02 bbcgarcia [FT] Static [LF] Good amount of NMTs!

Static is in boxes and hadn't been gifted much. I'd love some NMTs to help with finding a new villager :)
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2021.10.19 02:02 gewyvoso David Renwick on resurrecting Victor Meldrew - British Comedy Guide

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2021.10.19 02:02 Tumbling-Dice This month's Car and Driver features [Cedar Point]

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2021.10.19 02:02 poptartheart Troy-Bilt TB160 surging problems...

(I looked for rules of the sub and didnt see anything about questions needing to be sent to a certain place...mods, if im wrong just lemme know!)
TLDR; engine surges even after cleaning carburetor and idk what to try next
hey ya'll.
So last summer we finally made that great jump from an apartment to a house (a rental...but whatever! its a house!) and i bought a Troy-Bilt TB160 and it worked fine the entire summer. no issues.
then- it sat in my shed for a bit (not THAT long because we live in texas) until it was time to start mowing again this year.
i checked the oil (looked fine...no leaks on the ground and the color was fine) put some gas in and she fired right up and i mowed.
i did this i dont know how many times. once a week for three months maybe?
then it started surging. so i put on my big boy pants...and watched some youtube videos to learn what i needed to do. lol
i took off the carburetor and cleaned it and put it back on.
and it worked!!! i mowed my lawn and felt like a boss.
until that night when i smelled gas coming from my garage. the entire tank of gas had leaked out because i put the needle in wrong!
so the next time i mowed i opened it up again and put it on correctly. and it mowed fine! no issues.
i felt great again!
until the next time i mowed. i mowed for about 4 minutes and then it surged really bad and i had to mow my whole lawn that way so i could by myself some time to see what else it would be....and im stuck.
its not a gas cap issue (i just had it running and idling just now and when it started surging i took off the gas cap for a bit to see if it helped. it did...but for only a minute maybe.
i thought about the spark plug but it starts fine??? im still confused about what the spark plug does
im learning as i go- no one taught me anything grownin up.
i looked online and all i can find is people saying to clean the carburetor but i did that already so im not sure
also- today when i went to look at it again and to tighten the bolts to make sure they werent loose causing an air issue i noticed that that wont tighten down all the way. they just keep turning so i guess its stripped in there? either the threads on the bolt or the...the interior threads in the hole? but the whole unit doesnt move or jiggle or anything. would that be enough for air to get in and mess stuff up?
any help yall could give me would be great.
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2021.10.19 02:02 aburple Ribeye

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2021.10.19 02:02 Riverheath Judge stereotypes

If you were a judge on NTM what judge stereotype would you be? Are you the mean one? The flamboyant gay one? The drunk? The flighty one? The one that barely makes an impact and lasts one season?
What’s your fantasy fashion occupation? Are you a photographer? A fashion designer? A hat designer to the stars? An icon?
What’s your judging style? Are you biased? Do you give weightless critiques? Do you just make bird noises?
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