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Best Binance Coins

2021.12.07 17:47 anthonychapman123 Best Binance Coins

The most used and at the same time the most reliable crypto exchange platform is Binance. Also, Binance extremely easy to use and learn. you can EARN A 15% COMMISSION DISCOUNT on each purchase, by registering with a [Best Binance Coins](https://accounts.binance.com/en/register?ref=77181558).

Binance 15% Referral Code: 77181558
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2021.12.07 17:47 DocShady Archer smash!

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2021.12.07 17:47 Raider4- [WTS] [US/CAN] Bulova Accutron Kirkwood 63A103

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2021.12.07 17:47 Different_Yogurt_255 Expecting perfect work when you're paying writers 1 cent per word is ridiculous.

I'm currently working at an agency for 1 cent per word. Many of the articles I write require a lot of research, and by the time I'm finished a 2000 word article, half my day is gone. That's $20 for half my day!!
On top of that, the editor nitpicks at anything she can find. If I forget one Oxford comma in the midst of a 2600 article, she corrects me and makes a big deal out of it.
I absolutely have no problem with constructive criticism, but if you’re paying me 1 cent per word for a complex article, you can honestly f off. I’m so close to just bailing on this agency, but I have nothing else.
Sorry for the negativity, but I just wanted have a nice rant!
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2021.12.07 17:47 GlebVel What was your worst buy?

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2021.12.07 17:47 Leapenstance test

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2021.12.07 17:47 CarmenBellaxoxo Cop Arrested for Repeatedly Raping Teen, Trying to Convince Her to Kill Her Mother

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2021.12.07 17:47 yyzworker Minister Phillips to Make an Announcement

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2021.12.07 17:47 crackemallbabyyyy Hailee Steinfield muscles

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2021.12.07 17:47 Burakbeyyapma ?????

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2021.12.07 17:47 kinghames sofia 👇

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2021.12.07 17:47 OnzAuth Ideas for marketing dev tool/authentication solution conversions

Hello Experts,
Is there any particular way to find leads for a tool such as an IDAAS tool? I think I should target developers, specifically startup technical people I think.
We have been using StartupSchool forums, & other reddit/slack forums for our alpha launch, we have been getting some visitors to our website, but the conversion rate is almost non-existant. Any ideas?
I would be happy to get some feedback on my product/landing page. OnzAuth
Thanks for your time & support!
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2021.12.07 17:47 abfababfab Am I ugly?

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2021.12.07 17:47 S3thr3y I want to detransition for my crush

I had this really great experience with someone. And I really like him. Like really really like him. I haven’t stopped thinking about him for days.
And I want him to want me too. But he’s straight and I’m a trans guy.
On top of that, I wonder if I’m actually trans because he made me feel so feminine and I didn’t mind. I liked it actually. And I feel so confused. I’ve been so sure of myself for years and now I feel different
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2021.12.07 17:47 Werbin-Ich Ich habe das Makeup einer Freundin von mir gemacht, wie findet ihr den Look? Ich bin kein Profi, aber ich liebe es, neue Looks auszuprobieren.

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2021.12.07 17:47 GemGirl2009 Pls help!!! 😭

So I was playing on my survival Minecraft world on my Nintendo switch (bedrock edition) and I just logged back on after school to find that all of my villagers are gone, my horses, and a bunch of other mobs. They all have disappeared and I working very hard to get all of it :( . They had good trades and were really high levels too. I’ve tried to restart my world, Minecraft, and everything. Nothing is working 😭. If anyone knows why they are gone pls let me know :( I know they didn’t die because I have them all in a very safe place. Pls help :(
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2021.12.07 17:47 MathematicianBrief76 Ispartali

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2021.12.07 17:47 yyzworker Poultry Processing Company fined $110,000 for Environmental Protection Act Violation

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2021.12.07 17:47 Cryptic_deth Does anyone know how to unlock these?

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2021.12.07 17:47 Ancient_Pop_6621 Ripping after hours? I think so 😎

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2021.12.07 17:47 TNT3149_ Santa Deck

Good afternoon or whatever time it is. It’s the Christmas season and I got a random want to design a deck for Christmas. https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/07-12-21-zedruu-bad-santa/. The deck is based on [[Zedruu the greathearted]] giving gifts to the other players. I’ve never made a deck that leaned anywhere near stax or denial of resources. But this one has a hint of those with a hearty card draw center. Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for additions or drops please let me know!
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2021.12.07 17:47 cordell_parker Arbie needs a new home and the perfect family

Well, hello there! My name is Arbie, and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am looking for the perfect family for me. I love being the center of attention and making my friends and family laugh. I am the all-around perfect pup! I look forward to my walks and nap times. Just put on a good movie and I will be there curled up right next to you before you know it. I promise to come home up to date on my puppy vaccinations and pre-spoiled. I am a very happy, healthy puppy and I am sure I will make that perfect addition to your loving family. Make me the newest member and I will be sure to have puppy kisses waiting just for you.
13 weeks old black male poodle puppy.
Pm if interested in Arbie
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2021.12.07 17:47 itsmehflynn I hate how masculine i look, why can't i just be cute?

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2021.12.07 17:47 adai_gadhai Gg

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2021.12.07 17:47 nathandl12 Rank the Expansions! How do you rank A Realm Reborn through Endwalker?

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