dead by daylight x fortnite?

2021.12.07 17:53 edgeandthedoc dead by daylight x fortnite?

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2021.12.07 17:53 Dull_Tonight Jan. 6 committee says it will recommend criminal contempt charges against Mark Meadows if he doesn't appear for his scheduled deposition

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2021.12.07 17:53 Peru2600 Mega Steelix - 2177 8640 4218

Bring fire types! :)
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2021.12.07 17:53 TheRealTtamage Logic gate fun

Well I just discovered how to make self-closing doors using couple different colors of wire, logic gates, and the logic lamp thing, a timer and all that jazz thank you youtube. But now I've noticed the day sensing logic gate. So I can theoretically make a big dome over my house that closes up at night. So I might make a new apartment complex for all my NPCs so they can wander in the fields during the day but then it locks them in at night. And possibly an NPC activated teleporter just in case.
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2021.12.07 17:53 greyhoundpie Trying to run or install 32bit browser

Hi friends. Macbook Pro with OSX Catalina.
I'm trying to design a kitchen using ikeas kitchen planner, but I can't get it to work on my Mac (tried 3 different browsers).
I may, have narrowed it down to the fact that my browsers are 64bit and the Ikea planner only works with 32bit browsers.
I've searched around with no luck. I cannot seem to figure out how to run my browsers in 32bit mode.
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2021.12.07 17:53 m4lmaster check-in, what are you up to during the great meltdown?

over here chillin at a gas station with 49 stops left, been waiting for 4hrs, wonderin if imma be home before 7pm or if i need another energy drink.
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2021.12.07 17:53 madeupname230 If you had to convince someone that celery was a good vegetable, what would you say?

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2021.12.07 17:53 MichaelFurburger ALS Water Challenge

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2021.12.07 17:53 Uncle_Chef The Treat on the Chair: a Four-Part Story

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2021.12.07 17:53 blockchan_nftboard Gear's Turning (Level 4 Puzzle)

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2021.12.07 17:53 telephat Howard?

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2021.12.07 17:53 Aka_Diamondhands Fence problem with next door? Any advice

Hi anyone experience a problem with your neighbour. Basically their fence connect to mine is falling over and pulling ours down. The only support is the 3 bins and our central post.
We need to fix ours, the landlord isn’t replying, if we ask a contractor to come out, can we ask them to cut theirs off from ours? But this way their side would surely fall. I feel it’s unfair on us needing to fix their side again. If I cut it would I be liable for property damaged?
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2021.12.07 17:53 MMMMHUNGRY Area of 2 curves ?

I have a circle of x2 + y2 = 4 And x2 + (y-2)2 =1 and was wondering how you find the area of the cross sections?
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2021.12.07 17:53 wamama16 KCM Minato Vs Nagato

Rules: Edo regeneration is restricted on both sides
No intel
Fight takes place where Madara fought the alliance
Who wins and why ?
View Poll
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2021.12.07 17:53 __Now_Here__ Another look

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2021.12.07 17:53 Snarkfest3000 How do you promote your Instagram for art commissions?

Hey, so my friend is in a bit of a pickle, and their only option at this point is to make art for commissions (it's a long story, and I'm not about to broadcast their situation to the entire world). Which they are already technically doing, it's just that they don't have that many followers which also means not many commissions. I was wondering if anyone here knew of good ways they could promote their account so that way they can get more followers and/or commissions.
Any advice you can give us would be strongly appreciated.
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2021.12.07 17:52 Reitanna i need to know i'm doing the right thing (please, experienced rat carers only)

i know i've posted here recently talking about my rat, aries, who we're 98% sure has lung cancer. his brother died a few months ago of a heart attack (that's a whole different story).
we rescued aries and his brother, so they were already adults, and probably older than we originally thought. aries already showed signs of respiratory problems, so i'd give him a little more chocolate than his brother once a month. still, aries started making a stuffy sound that almost made him sound like a quiet guinea pig, though it got louder when he was excited or stressed. still, he had a LOT of energy, ate fine, drank fine, had healthy excrement, and wasn't peeing too little or too often. neither of them ever needed baths because they kept themselves super clean.
aries' sounds progressively increased in frequency. after his brother passed, we were unsure whether to adopt another rat or not. aries gets stressed easily, and what if he has something that's contagious? or what if the new rat has something small that would affect aries way more?
we took him to the vet, and they gave him anti-biotics, which seemed to work at first, but then just stopped working. the next vet visit, she suggested the possibility of lung cancer, but put him on more antibiotics coupled with steroids. this time, he showed ZERO improvement. STILL, even with the breathing problems, he ran around, popcorned, jumped from my thigh to my shoulder (he's a great shoulder rat), was eating, drinking, etc just fine. however, each time we took him to the vet, he lost weight despite him getting all the food now that his piggy brother was gone (RIP gemini).
finally, he was at his lowest weight, and had actually lost muscle mass. he ended up being dehydrated despite him having access to water from his water bottle AND a dish, and that i saw and heard him drinking all the time. the vet said she was almost positive it was lung cancer, because he was not getting better. note that going to the vet stressed aries out so much, he appeared to be dying right there, but i showed the vet a video of him "bounce running" to show what he's like at home. she said they could do an xray, but that would involve holding him down, and we knew he would not like that and probably die from the anxiety. so the vet considered him in "end of life care," meaning we'd keep him on an increased dose of the steroids, but there was no longer a need to bring him to the vet because there was literally nothing anyone could do to get him better.
i must reiterate how energetic and normal he was with eating, drinking, etc. he acted like he was only a year old. he was still breathing hard and making those noises; basically we kept him on the medicine to make sure the rest of his life was as comfortable as possible. we started feeding him more fattening treats like avocado and egg whites, as well as feeding him "mush," which is where we grind up his kibble, mix it with water, and it becomes mushy. all of our rats have LOVED it. we also fed him more watery fruits like cucumber and tomato for hydration, though he was still drinking normally. he would not let us weight him. he was not gaining weight, so my husband started mixing baby food and pedialite in his mush. still no weight gain, but still no change to his energy level or behavior, except wearing him out a little more after running around. he didn't understand that he needed more rest now.
this went on for a few months. the vet told us to look out for certain signs. finally, about a week and a half ago, he started showing them. one day, aries was running up and down his ladder, and then stopped, propped his head against his cage, and started gasping with his mouth open. he was basically having an asthma attack. my husband and i were panicking, thinking this was it, this was when he'd die. we turned on the shower to hot and sat in the bathroom with him. i was petting him while steam filled the room, and eventually, he calmed down and stopped gasping.
after that, we noticed he was very tired more often, which wasn't surprising. we also noticed an upward head jerking motion that he had never done before. upon research, i found that this meant choking? because he was also pawing at his mouth. but he's still doing it even if he wasn't eating, mostly when he's bruxxing and boggling. he also has problems holding his food, and i never hear the crunching of him eating his solid kibble. also, he (and i'm positive on this one) is not drinking from his water bottle, but i've seen him eagerly drink from the bowl. he eats his mush like he's starving, but only half because, i imagine, his stomach has shrunk. we were NEVER starving him, he had plenty of food at all times, i have to make sure you know that.
then another day, my husband woke to find aries gasping again. i was asleep. so he took aries into the bathroom to steam him, and again, he stopped gasping. when my husband put him back in the cage, he started up again, and had to have a second steam. since then, he has not been gasping at all.
at the first mouth gasping, we were certain we had to put him down. my husband called the vet, and she agreed, so aries' appointment is this saturday. however, this is were my mind is f-ing with me. ARIES STILL HAS TONS OF ENERGY. he's even bruxxing and boggling like he's the happiest man on the planet. we're spoiling him a bit by giving him some junk food (nothing toxic, of course), and my husband has started mixing in chicken baby food into the mush, which aries LOVES. but the damn boy still runs around, still bounces, hops onto my shoulder and down again despite trying to encourage him not to. also still, he seems to only be able to eat soft foods and drink from the water bowl. he's not gaining weight, but he goes to the bathroom at a normal rate, and there are no weird changes to his excrement. he still wears himself out and sleeps a lot in his cage, but the amount of energy he has shows he is ALIVE.
i'm trying to look at the bigger picture about what has changed. he's shown the early signs of suffering, and we know he will get worse. but he isn't losing fur or has developed hind leg degeneration like old rats do. even his eyes are still big and bright and not squinty unless he's tired. however, for the first time, his eyes are watery, and he developed some poraphin (spelling?) around his nose. that's the red stuff rats often excrete out of their nose, eyes, and sometimes ears, but it's not blood. a little is normal, but a lot is a bad sign. he's never even had a little, but now he's has a little just once. i honestly can't tell how much he might be suffering. i'm trying to put myself in his shoes and trying to imagine how hard it is for him to breathe while still being happy and eager to play. it's confusing, frustrating, and just... why, you know? and i'm like, "i don't want him to get to a point where he's suffering so much that he can't be happy," but every time i see him run and play, that little doubt comes in: "what if we're making a mistake and taking the life of a rat who isn't suffering?" my heart is battling with my brain, and both my husband and i are basically trying to convince ourselves that it's time for him to go. he says, "if aries gains weight by friday, i'll cancel the appointment." i agreed. but what if he doesn't?
i need SERIOUS opinions. are we making a mistake by putting him down this saturday? i need reassurance, i need to know if my heart is just in the denial phase, or if it's telling me that i'm seriously making the wrong decision. i hate this, this has been eating at us so hard, and i need people to tell me the truth (CIVILLY, please don't freakin bully me, i'm not trying to keep a suffering rat alive, i just have doubts). i need genuine opinions, don't tell me to keep him alive just because that's what my heart wants to hear. if you have questions, feel free to ask if it'll help you.
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2021.12.07 17:52 advancedmechanics02 Whenever stuck ask: what would FY do?

Been reading too much lately. I am only at chapter 289. But whenever I am stuck, nowadays I tend to ask myself: What would Fang Yuan do? Aside from limitless ruthlessness I've found this principle to be quite productive. One just needs to consider his analytical, deliberate and cautious nature to find use in this.
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2021.12.07 17:52 Milian100 Don’t be afraid of asking for payment bumps. Ask after delivery and remember the customers name. I just had a 55lb dog food bag to deliver and they bumped me $10

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2021.12.07 17:52 Tasty_Diamond_9946 Depending on what year they were born, Alastor and Angel Dust could both be World War 1 veterans

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2021.12.07 17:52 Impressive-Ad-8771 What is your favorite Tv show of ALL time and why?

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2021.12.07 17:52 BrandosSmolder I'm trying to make a Circle of Spores druid that works well. Looking for feedback & additional advice.

I'm have an upcoming DnD cabin trip this weekend where we'll be doing a campaign in the underdark from level 1-10ish. Being in the underdark,I love the flavor of the Circle of Spores Druid where I can be the guardian of a sacred grove of Underdark bioluminescent fungi.
Common Spores Complaints:
The Spores druid is known to be a less-effective druid class. This is due to:

  1. (Having to waste your first combat to activate Symbiotic Entity unlike a Moon druid who gets the equivalent as a BA
  2. Halo of Spores forcing the druid to decide how to use their reaction and
  3. Fungal Infestation being considered a pointless meatshield. This tweak strengthens the first in a simple way.
Build Strategy
Additionally, the DM is willing to homebrew the class to some degree to make me feel more excited to play it. However, they're worried about making it too strong so I'm trying to be cautious. I've considered the following two requests:
  1. Improved Symbiotic Entity (Combat). Symbiotic Entity requires a Bonus Action instead of an action
  1. Improved Halo of Spores: Halo of Spores doesn't require a bonus action but instead can be used once per turn
I've seen fan-fare for the first option on reddit. However, with Hex and Shillelagh I'll be pretty low on BAs already. But I worry #2 might be too much of an ask
Thanks for any feedback/advice! My hope is to make this C level more of a B or A level. Where I'm still having fun without it being totally OP.
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2021.12.07 17:52 Sappyforever Best hostels to stay one week in London, 200€ budget.

Thank you humans. Im hearing suggestions to so go ahead if you have something interesting.
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2021.12.07 17:52 xX_KlinkenPVPYT_Xx Help

I completed the first mission of the 30th anniversary thing. I got some loot but it didn't matter because I can't equip them, they are just sitting in the just collected tab.
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2021.12.07 17:52 HiItsLust This man was experiencing houselessness for 20 years but turned things around to be voted London's HAPPIEST bus driver! Patrick Lawson became homeless after a string of bad luck that even landed him in prison. Through the assistance of a volunteer organization, Lawson made a full u-turn in life.

This man was experiencing houselessness for 20 years but turned things around to be voted London's HAPPIEST bus driver! Patrick Lawson became homeless after a string of bad luck that even landed him in prison. Through the assistance of a volunteer organization, Lawson made a full u-turn in life. submitted by HiItsLust to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]