kz7tk 43i23 nafnt zbb3k n8ed5 3ye53 ieif3 28n9z bnzh4 e75hz dzti3 kais6 959i9 298a8 tdkek dkh7y 6afkk 82kfe ee9es 95r86 nr83z Driver pulling car over in the highway causes multiple car to crash in a row |

Driver pulling car over in the highway causes multiple car to crash in a row

2021.12.07 18:55 PotentialPlatypus827 Driver pulling car over in the highway causes multiple car to crash in a row

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2021.12.07 18:55 TN_Egyptologist Seated Statuette of Imhotep

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2021.12.07 18:55 Marmeladenkuchen Anxiety ist wie wenn Kampfmusik aus einem Videospiel läuft, aber man kann keine Feinde finden.

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2021.12.07 18:55 Lucastheblabbermouth the surprise of making new friends and knowing new people

My name's Lucas and I'm 17, I love making friends all over the world, and that's my goal, these friendships also help me improve my english, I like to chat about every possible thing, even the most awkards (these are my favs btw)
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2021.12.07 18:55 throw-away28475 Experiences with Trazodone?

I’ve been having a ton of problems sleeping for the last month & a half and finally went to the doctor’s today. He diagnosed me with insomnia and put me on Trazodone, and I’ll take it tonight for the first time. I’m just curious if anyone here uses/used Trazodone and what your experiences were like! I have big final exams coming up in a few days and I can’t decide if it’s worth starting it tonight or holding off a week in case I experience any side effects that impact my memory & concentration (more than my insomnia already has lol) and make it hard to study/focus.
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2021.12.07 18:54 NYCWriterOfAllThings New article about "Adult Children" just published

A couple months ago I posted a call for interviewees for my article about the "adult children" community. I thank the moderators for allowing me to post that message. Here's the piece, published today:
All the best, Michael
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2021.12.07 18:54 Dann_just_Dann Roasting Kai'Sa - League of Legends

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2021.12.07 18:54 matiasgarofalo Just starting to learn Blender, i made this loop to promote an EP

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2021.12.07 18:54 I_Eat_Slime I finally finished the game

Oh boy! My brother gifted me cyberpunk on previous Christmas. I played it for few hours but somehow I couldn't really start it. Probably because of all the talk circulating about bugs and what not. I tried to start it a few time but just couldn't. But a week or so back I picked up where I left off, and it was AWASOME! The graphics, the story, the gameplay. Some 50 hours spent. Damn! And now I'm sad. This storyline left me with this sadness like after finishing a good book. Still, a day after I feel sadness. I feel lost. This game, man!
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2021.12.07 18:54 taaiwa What should you do if the guy who threatens your life during a road rage incident turns out to be your barber, by accident?

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2021.12.07 18:54 gltribs Saycat

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2021.12.07 18:54 Willing_Heron2905 I found out something today...

I think mitsuba sousuke has the same JP va as Nico from nanbaka, because the name of the voice actor is daiki koyabashi ,so I thought they may have the same va.
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2021.12.07 18:54 Lonely_Arm_311 Everything still out? Still not able to get into AtoZ.

Just as the title says
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2021.12.07 18:54 RapsFanLJ Anyone else in $BNXA?

I'm a long time holder from the pre $1 days and after a lot of ups and downs this company is ready to blow up. Everyone had a huge day today obviously (with maybe a few exceptions) but up $0.40 on the day is very nice to see! Check this one out. The PayPal or Lightspeed of Crypto.
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2021.12.07 18:54 cyberklown28 Lawmakers reach compromise on annual defense policy bill

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2021.12.07 18:54 carpetano Post-match thread: FC Porto - Atlético de Madrid

Porto 1 - 3 Atleti

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2021.12.07 18:54 clubaristasmoke I (F/22) Can’t Get Old Fling (M/22) Out of My Mind, and I’m Engaged

I (22/F) have been with my fiancé (M/25) for two years. I love him, I’m committed to the potential marriage and to clarify I’m not in danger of cheating.
My fiancé and I briefly broke up a year ago over some issues that we worked through. During that break I slept with someone (M/22) who I didn’t know or have any acquaintance with before that break but met him through mutual friends. It was entirely casual but I did stay the night and slept beside him because I had been drinking a little. After, I realized I made a mistake sleeping with someone new so quickly and realized my priorities. Sent him a message telling him it was over and I got back with my fiancé. My friends told me he was hurt and that he actually was interested in me for something more but I didn’t really let that bother me because I was clear on how casual it was and he agreed until after I slept with him.
Unfortunately, even though I’m really dedicated to my fiancé, the fling has been on my mind. I don’t know if the sex was just that good or maybe I feel like it was unfulfilled in a way subconsciously but I don’t regret being with my fiancé and ending it with the fling.
Yesterday he added me on social and I haven’t allowed him to follow me because I told my fiancé about what happened and we established boundaries regarding that situation but now it’s sprung up all sorts of strange unintelligible feelings about it. Should I be worried about my relationship if I’m still thinking about this fling? Is it just some pesky soul tie I have to wait out to break?
TDLR; I hooked up with someone when my fiancé and I briefly broke up but I haven’t stopped thinking about the fling despite being committed to my relationship. Need help on what that could mean for me
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2021.12.07 18:54 Pxnyboy Where did “cumies” come from

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2021.12.07 18:54 TheAttackHelicopters Glidr Clone

Where can i find a good, not amazing glidr Clone for about 30$, if not how cheap can i get one
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2021.12.07 18:54 Y0_adriann LF: 6IV foreign ditto FT: masterball

Let me know!
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2021.12.07 18:54 this-or-that92 Fibroadenoma in breast

Hi all, so I just got a phone call from my gynecologist with the results from my breast biopsy and they said that the biopsy shows that I have a fibroadenoma. While it’s benign and nothing to worry too much about, the NP at my doctors office said I have two options: either watch it and get an ultrasound every year OR I can get it removed and call it a day. At first I had told her let’s just watch it, but as soon as I hung up the phone I felt unsure about this decision. A lot of my family is voting to get it removed if a breast surgeon says it’s an option but I just don’t know. I made an appt with a breast surgeon for next Tuesday for a consultation.
Basically I’m looking for opinions on what you guys would do because I am so unsure right now. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 18:54 No-Bread638 Just saying...

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2021.12.07 18:54 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.12.07 18:54 imashelha1234 the bass is the most important instrument

if you don't agree go listen to a song you like without the bass and then tell me
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2021.12.07 18:54 vibewithsnott [Leak] 2x Pasto Flocco - Mar & Swag

DM @ vibewithsnot on Twitter for info on the private spreadsheet,
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