how do i change scorpion controls?

2021.12.07 17:56 BlondeClan how do i change scorpion controls?

they never used to be this difficult
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2021.12.07 17:56 Fextin Anyone have a seller for these? Would appreciate it! Thanks

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2021.12.07 17:56 jneriart [For Hire] [Illustration / Fanart / Portrait / Character Design] URGENT COMMITTEES OPEN! REDUCED PRICES! Starts at $30 USD! Contact me via discord (zheferos#4048) if interested!

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2021.12.07 17:56 tcgthecoolguy Just installed mint and it displays this when I boot into it

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2021.12.07 17:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Attacking Innovation | National Review

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2021.12.07 17:56 Significant_Print_71 CEI Working w/ ExxonMobile???

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2021.12.07 17:56 Flashy_Adeptness_862 Omg something moved!

So here I was, just wandering around the rustwash. Between the outpost and the tallneck over there. Then, I spotted something that really looked like a dead machine with dirt and a pile of blue gleam on top. And I could harvest it so naturally I did. Metal band and shards came of. And then after harvesting… IT MOVED. The earth started shaking like a rockbreaker was coming, but nothing happened… WTF?
Has anyone else noticed this? I’ll try adding the screenshot I made.
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This was supposed to be a rework, “we removed it in order to make it better” as Stated by you guys, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. It seems like RIGHT off the bat, this vendor and cosmetics were all BUGGED. This is the same EXACT cosmetic system as before,’s 1000 times worse. I mean, you had months and months and months to do a simple rework made it worse instead of reworking it? (Also need to mention this quickly, this whole update we’ve waited for since launch is a hell hole of an update, ruined the game even more. And also need to say, this game could have been a record breaker). C’mon SE. These outfits have been repeat after repeat in the cosmetic vendor. It’s just been repeaaaaattttiingggggg, it’s completely messed up. I don’t see ANYWHERE where the “better” cosmetic vendor and system is, and I don’t see anywhere where there’s a rework or where there’s better and more unique outfits for the units cosmetics system. It’s the same EXACT system as before and the same ol’ outfits. Can’t believe how long they had to work on this and couldn’t even come up with one different outfit for each character and only had like 4 “new” (recolors) outfits for each character. I mean, I don’t get this. (Continuing in another post)
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2021.12.07 17:56 bluebellfob [iOS][2021.46.0] Anyone else getting this issue when trying to access the mod queue?

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2021.12.07 17:56 Endizen Weird question. Is is possible to play a cleric without casting spells?

For instance, only using "touch of" whatever - physical manifestations of their magic divine power, and not blasts of energy and light? Maybe this is a really noob question but I think it would be cool for a cleric to swear off rays of light and only approve of physical-magical healing? vs magical-magical healing?
I guess an example one could picture here is Jesus Christ, right? He didn't cast spells at the blind to make them see. He put hands on them. Is it possible to play a divine-power wielding cleric whose healing or inspiring powers manifest as physical acts instead of more traditionally magical acts?
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2021.12.07 17:56 Rare_Protection How much does one sensor earn?

I like the concept of this project, but if people are going to invest of few hundred of their own money how much does a sensor earn? Is this based upon the sensor or location of sensor?
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2021.12.07 17:56 Electronic-Ease7244 Awesome, just what I wanted to do today. Sit in my van all day at the front of the neighborhood waiting for Flex to work…

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2021.12.07 17:56 Legendary__Beaver Video Playlist issues?

hey is there playlists for the new arks? I always rewatch old series but some of their recent play throughs, they don't have a playlist so I cant really rewatch the old episodes. I said something to u/adahop and she said she'd look into it.

idk I want these guys to generate as many views as possible. I'm always rewatching old playlists and those videos have very strong view numbers where their recent videos are kinda lacking. even older ark videos.
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2021.12.07 17:56 Lisa-MarieSchneider Stacy Keibler sexy Compilation #02

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2021.12.07 17:56 _hb03 A level physics

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2021.12.07 17:56 DaReelGVSH ANCESTRAL C2 (CONFLCTNG2_) - I KNOW

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2021.12.07 17:56 TheTruthIsInTheDirt Πλατεία Συντάγματος

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2021.12.07 17:56 dataentrytard Enter to win a $300 Tradlands Gift Card (12/13/2021) {WW}

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2021.12.07 17:56 procryptoclass Shiba Inu One of the World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges Has Added Support for $SHIB

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2021.12.07 17:56 Misremembersaword The buttons on this elevator omit the numbers: 4, 8, 18, 42, & 69. Presumably because the building doesn’t have that many floors.

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2021.12.07 17:56 croatianpr33 Como tener abdominales?

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2021.12.07 17:56 heinaga1989 Coin Fan Army : 5000 uniques NFT soon available

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2021.12.07 17:56 JulioChavezReuters Florida to feed starving manatees in rare conservation move

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2021.12.07 17:56 cool_ads Don't stop, go ahead!

Some days are good! Some days are bad! But every day teaches us something.
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2021.12.07 17:56 Present_Hippo6562 TIFU by going with my girlfriend to a bridezillas wedding

(Still learning English) My girlfriend has poliosis which means some of her hair has little to no melanin and looks white. Parts of her hair were dyed blue and per the brides request we dyed them back to black (yes they were inspired by that stupid no tattoos, no piercings, and no dye post) I didn’t dye any of her white hair because she was shamed for it long enough and I was told it wouldn’t work well.
The bride has a complete shit fit saying my girlfriend ruined everything, my gf is very submissive in some situations and was just sitting there taking it, eventually she started crying and despite what she said I snapped at the bride and told her she was ruining the wedding by being a bitch, my girlfriend outlooked her a million times over and a few other things I admit I’m not particularly proud of before eventually leaving.
The guests are on my side as it would’ve taken one calm clarification and not to mention I already told the groom about it but the bride has doubled down on how it was an “honest mistake.” My girlfriend feels horrible now for something she’s not responsible for.
TL;DR Part of my girlfriends hair is white due to a lack of melanin and the bride accused us of trying to ruin her wedding by not dying back all her dyed hair. My girlfriend feels awful and ugly because of it.
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