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Peace corps after undergrad

2022.01.21 16:26 4phn Peace corps after undergrad

Would taking time to join the peace corps for 2 years make your less or more attractive to schools if you apply afterwards? I’ve kinda always wanted to do this but I don’t wanna detract from my admissions chances
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2022.01.21 16:26 stopruiningmygrave Estonia, Europe

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2022.01.21 16:26 skimshady24 smh.. 450 idiots

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2022.01.21 16:26 kiwispacemarine A Course of Action Part 71 - Charlie Don't Surf

| First | Previous | Next |
Hello everyone, I'm back! Been busy with other things, as well as some minor writer's block. Don't worry though, I won't disappear again until this is finished.
If there was a phrase to describe daily life on Capital, it would be ‘barely-contained panic’. For the past few weeks, the hopelessness of the situation was becoming increasingly apparent to even the most low-level citizens. The Consortium was being slowly crushed into paste by the overwhelming force of the Infinite Scourge on the one side and the methodical, surgical strikes of the humans and their new weapons on the other.
While the Commission for Internal Stability and Security quashed rumours of the human assaults as quickly as they sprung up, the loss of contact with three dozen star systems over the course of the past few days spoke for itself. The mounting fear and uncertainty had turned Capital into a tightly wound spring. One that was set to go off at the slightest push.
Coalition Space Command Headquarters.
General Henderson studied the reports in front of him intently. The documents were after-action reports of the various bombers raids that the B-7 force had conducted. Sifting through the pages and photographs from the various spy satellites that were in orbit of the enemy worlds, he picked up a map sitting next to him.
The map showed the positions of the remaining Consortium worlds. After looking at the map for a few seconds, the General picked up a piece of paper with a list written on it. Looking over at the after-action reports, he began to cross off names from the list. Once he was done with that, he looked at the map again, tapping a particular star system with his finger.
With a wry grin, Henderson reached across his desk and picked up the phone sitting there. He had some calls to make.
Within the hour, Henderson was in a video conference with President Kain and several other members of the Top Brass.
“Mr President,” he began, “I’ve been looking at the after-action reports of Colonel Holland’s bomber fleet. We’ve managed to cut a corridor through the Consortium defences that leads straight to Capital. The only planet still in our way is the homeworld of the Gark.”
“The Gark?” Kain asked, “Weren’t they the one’s who did all those experiments that led to this whole mess?”
“Yes sir,” Henderson replied, “I believe that if we can successfully invade the Gark homeworld, it will give us a staging ground within striking distance of Capital. We could also use an invasion to try out some of Director Perez’s… suggestions.”
“Oh?” Kain was intrigued.
“I’ll let Director Perez explain, sir,” Henderson sat down.
“Mr President,” Director Perez said as he stood up, a slight grin on his face, “Have you ever seen ‘Apocalypse Now’?”
ISS Hercules. En Route to Gark Homeworld.
If Major Black had to credit to Space Command for something, it would be that they didn’t lack imagination, he thought as he read through the briefing on Operation: Scientific Pursuit. A plan to simultaneously capture an enemy planet for use as a staging ground, destroy Consortium morale and capture any enemy ships in orbit to expand the depleted Space Force.
A bold move if he had ever seen one. Command, evidently getting sick of the War, had decided to commit all available resources to this assault. According to the briefing, Black would be leading Task Force Bravo in a raid on the planet’s capital in order to force a surrender by their leaders, while the rest of the strike force would be focussing on capturing the other cities on the planet.
From what Intelligence could glean, the Gark were not a prolific species, only having a population of four billion on their homeworld, plus another billion on various colonies. According to the pre-war censuses anyway.
Black was distracted from his reading by an alarm blaring.
“All combat personnel, report to your action stations. Warpspace exit minus thirty minutes,” someone announced over the P.A., “I repeat, All combat personnel report to your action stations. Warpspace exit minus thirty minutes.”
Stuffing the documents into his pocket, Black stood up and walked out of his cabin. Upon leaving the room, he turned right and headed for the nearest armoury.
Within minutes, he was suited up and walking towards the Hercules’s main flight deck. The deck was abuzz with activity as fighter and dropship pilots ran towards their ships. Maintenance crews completed last-minute checks while other technicians finished loading the aircraft with missiles and bombs. The sound of engines being activated filled the bay as the Major found the rest of Task Force Bravo at their assigned dropships. All the soldiers were clad in urban-camouflaged Mk-III Exoskeletons. A quick look around the flight deck told Black that the other units involved in the assault were also wearing the armour.
“Sir!” Captain Ochre saluted the Major as he approached. Black returned the gesture, before looking at the rest of the men. He felt a pang of regret as he noticed several gaps in the ranks; soldiers who had been killed during the defence of Earth.
“You’ve all read the briefing?” he asked.
“Yes sir,” replied Ochre.
“Good,” the Major answered, before activating his radio.
“All Bravo elements, this is Major Black. Get aboard your ships and stand by for the assault. We’ve got about twenty minutes before we drop out of Warpspace, so I suggest you make yourselves comfortable.”
“Yes sir,” came the chorus of replies.
Boarding the nearest UD-1, Black leaned back in his seat and waited as the minutes ticked by.
On the bridge of the Hercules, Captain Langley watched as the fleet moved ever-closer to the enemy world. Glancing at his watch, he saw that there were only a few minutes left before they dropped out of warpspace.
As if on cue, the communications officer alerted his to a fleet-wide broadcast from Admiral Henricks.
“Put it on speaker,” the Captain ordered.
The officer complied, flicking a pair of switches.
“All ships, be advised that we are about to drop out of Warpspace,” Henricks’ voice echoed around the bridge, “All ‘R’ and ‘U’ type vessels are to clear a path through the enemy forces for the transports. Remember, non-kill shots only. Command wants at least some of those vessels intact.”
“Send an acknowledgement signal to the Poseidon,” Captain Langely ordered, before activating the intercom.
“All hands, this is the Captain. Prepare to drop out of Warpspace.”
There was an orange flash, followed by a slight lurch as the spacecraft exited Warpspace. Langley gazed upon the planet in front of him.
The Gark homeworld, called Peregark according to COIN, was a blue-green planet about the size of Mars. From where he was sitting, the Captain could just make out the gray splotches that marked the mega-cities dotting the planet’s surface.
“Sir!” the weapon’s officer called out, “Radar shows at least thirty enemy vessels in orbit.”
“Right. Helm, stay in formation with the rest of the transports. Let the destroyers and cruisers do their work.”
The newly constructed ‘R’ and ‘U’ type warships set about completing their work with great relish. Railgun turrets and missile batteries spewed their deadly payloads at the enemy fleet, turning many of the smaller alien warships into interstellar dust.
On the bridge of the Poseidon, Admiral Henricks saw that eight of the enemy ships were the bigger, more heavily armoured ones the Consortium had used during the assault on Earth.
“Tactical! Mark those large vessels as priority targets for capture. I want disabling shots only,” he ordered.
“Yes sir,” the officer replied.
“Alert the boarding parties that they are to begin their operations as soon as the transports are clear,” he ordered another officer, who nodded and relayed the instructions to the rest of the fleet.
Glancing back at the main viewscreen, he saw that a sizeable gap had formed in the enemy fleet.
“There’s our chance!” he exclaimed, “Inform the transports that deployment is go!”
“All transports, proceed on vector two-zero-four at elevation minus five-zero to grid reference Bravo-Tango-Sierra niner-niner-zero-five-three,” the message played over the bridge speakers, “Descend to 30 kilometres above ground and commence deployment operations.”
Captain Langley watched as the Hercules’s pilot carried out the Admiral’s orders, taking the giant ship down to the planet below. As they passed through the atmosphere, the spacecraft’s sensors picked up several lock-on’s from Consortium tracking stations and weapon emplacements. Long-range radar also showed multiple wings of enemy fighters approaching the carriers.
“Have half our fighters intercept those enemy aircraft,” Langley ordered, “The other half will clear the way for the dropships.”
“Yes sir,” responded the Flight Operations Officer.
“All transports, this is Admiral Henricks. Commence deployment. You are to commence psy-war operations when the transports are two minutes out,” hissed the radio.
“Acknowledged,” Langely spoke into his radio. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the bridge crew relaying the orders to the flight deck. He gave a grim smile as he watched the doors to the main hangar slowly slide open. The show was about to begin.
Major Black was pressed against his seat-belt as the UD-1 Cheyenne-II dropship took off from the flight deck with a slight lurch. The dropship was joined by countless others as a swarm of human aircraft left the carrier formation. Looking out the window, Black saw several C-130 transport planes in formation with the dropships, as well as a pair of C/V-5 Super Galaxy VTOL transports.
Streaking ahead of the transports at supersonic speeds were the various fighter strike wings. The formations were made up of F-41s, F-35s and F-36s as well as various ‘Enhanced’ fighters. These were older models of fighter jets that had been retro-fitted with reverse-engineered Consortium technology to give them the necessary edge in combat.
Watching as the fighters soared away, Black turned his gaze to the distant ground as it rushed beneath his aircraft. Checking his watch, he saw that they were about five minutes out from their target. He grinned slightly. The Gark were in for a shock when they arrived.
The air-raid sirens threatened to deafen Gurk as he scurried down the hastily abandoned street, searching for cover. Glancing up at the sky, he saw several bright flashes as the shattered Consortium defence fleet valiantly held out against the humans. He shuddered at the thought of those monsters. He had heard rumours of the fate of several Gark scientists on an unauthorised mission to the human planet many years ago. According to those rumours, those experiments had led to this whole horrible war.
Whether those rumours were true or not, the Gark knew that unless he found shelter soon, he would be as dead as those long-forgotten researchers.
He spied what looked to be a stairway, leading to an underpass. Scampering down the stairs, he made it just in time for the first of the enemy fighters to arrive.
Several flights of them rushed over the city with unearthly shrieks as they headed for distant targets. Gurk could hear the sound of anti-air electron polariser batteries above the din of the sirens as they attempted to intercept the alien threat. A new sound filtered to him as he hugged the bottom of the tunnel, listening to the alien bombs drop around him.
The whine of anti-gravity generators. At first, he thought the noise came from re-enforcements. That hope was dashed as other sounds floated down into his hiding place: the scream of those alien jet engines, combined with a strange droning sound that seemed to bore into his skull.
Gurk held his head in his arms, wishing that the nightmare would go away. Unfortunately for him, it just kept coming.
Black glanced at his watch. They were, according to his calculations, nearly two minutes away from their target city. According to the mission plan, that was when the psy-war op was to begin. As if on cue, the radio crackled.
“All forces be advised, psy-war op is to commence now. Make it loud, out.”
The dropship pilots activated the necessary switches inside their cockpits, and soon music was blaring out from loudspeakers attached to the aircraft.
A grin plastered itself on Black’s face when he heard the first stirring chords of a familiar opera piece. Someone, it seemed, had a sense of humour.
Electronic warfare aircraft as well as satellites in orbit began broadcasting the sounds across hijacked Consortium relays, jamming regular communications and turning any kind of speaker into a mouthpiece for the bombastic piece. Even the air-raid sirens had their characteristic warble replaced by the shrieking, wailing chords of the opera.
For Gurk, cowering at the bottom of his tunnel, it was like his worst nightmare had just gotten more terrifying.
The dropships, seemingly in time with the music, bore down on the enemy city. Looking through the open door to the cockpit, Major Black could see the alien skyscrapers get closer and closer. Just when the music reached its crescendo, the dropship pilots began to fire. Salvo upon salvo of Hellfire missiles and unguided rockets streaked out from the formation, impacting buildings and enemy troop emplacements.
Machine-guns chattered and rotary cannons buzzed viciously as the Coalition forces swooped over the confused and panicked alien soldiers. The C-130s and C/V-5s deployed armoured vehicles and tanks into the fray, sowing even more chaos into the Consortium ranks.
The dropships belonging to Task Force Bravo broke off from the main formation and headed towards their target, just as the last chords of the music began to fade. Checking his weapon was ready, Black prepared himself for the task ahead.
The end of the war was in sight, and his men were going to help the Coalition take one more step to victory.
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2022.01.21 16:26 Bonus1Fact [Satire & Observation] MSNBC really hopes you Forgot about this.... ¦ John Talks YT

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2022.01.21 16:26 cliff99 Great British Bake Off the musical to hit the stage this summer

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2022.01.21 16:26 th3jok3rrr everyone i have a private server with multiple girls but to get in its 8 bucks for life time

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2022.01.21 16:26 Luna_Eve717 Parasites I removed during a 14 day fast. Part liquid/part dry. Do you think this is intestinal lining? Mucus? Rope worms? Something else? All I know is I feel so much better immediately after expulsion physically and mentally.

Parasites I removed during a 14 day fast. Part liquid/part dry. Do you think this is intestinal lining? Mucus? Rope worms? Something else? All I know is I feel so much better immediately after expulsion physically and mentally. submitted by Luna_Eve717 to Dryfasting [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 16:26 tablechairlegs I hate sharing with strangers, but don't know where else to vent right now

I ended therapy just before Christmas last year, and felt really good about it. I'm currently living on student loans (even though I'm 30) as taking digital classes is all I can manage, but I was getting more and more ready to face the world and move on. From mid-december to mid-january, I had a month-long break between finishing one course and starting the next, and I still got full loans for that time, so I was really happy about being able to relax and just focus on doing what makes me feel good.
So I was doing crafts (which I love, and is my only creative outlet and the only thing I can focus on doing for long periods of time), and needed help with something, and I asked a crafts forum for guidance and to show me where I'd gone wrong. They were all nice in their replies, but one person went overboard and gave me a wall of text on crafts in general, how to do them, how to read instructions, etc. And I just got so upset, because for a full week I had just enjoyed life and forgotten to keep my guard up, ans I has specifically been happy with myself and been able to feel good about how accomplished I'd gotten, like I was really really seasoned in this area and confident in what I was doing, and that one post just destroyed me.
I don't get triggered much. I get angry a lot, and I have angry fantasies all the time, but I don't get genuinely triggered, but this time I did. It was bedtime at that point, but in spite of having been exhausted up till that point, I got this surge of energy, and I smashes a vase, kicked the walls, screamed into my pillow, punched the kitchen floor with my bare hands, cried and cried and cried. And that was three weeks ago, and I'm still crying. I tried resuming my crafts project a few days ago, but the muscles in my abdomen, the ones behind the abs, felt like they were going to push through my skin and beat the living crap out of the project, so I had to put it away.
I tried starting a different project with the same material, and the feeling came back, and now I just don't know what to do. The pieces from the smashed vase have been left undisturbed where they landed. I'm worried if I clean it up I'll get upset (evidence of abuse getting cleared up or trivialized was a major distressing factor of my youth).
I know the person helpijng me meant no harm, so I couildn't very well call them a fuckheadassholecunt and tell them to go to hell. Which is kind of upsetting in itself since I've been abused and bullied by so many people I couldn't fight back against.
I just don't know what to do. There will be maintenance work in my apartment all spring this year, everyday. I don't want the workers to see the mess but I also don't want to clean it up. I just want to be left alone, but can't afford to move anywhere (I have to scream into my pillow, at night while the neighbours are asleep, because the building has the thinnest walls known to man).
I wish I lived in my own house in the countryside somewhere, and had an empty room just for smashing china till my arms hurt.

Thank you for reading.
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2022.01.21 16:26 geradloferadlo Is using Matmoul's Archfi cheating?

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2022.01.21 16:26 maurileos amazing lms service, gained 700 points in 8 hours

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2022.01.21 16:26 Perfect_Gas Brooklyn/ Greenpoint: 912 Manhattan Avenue (March 11th 1928)

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2022.01.21 16:26 Old_Truth6995 Lena The Plug's OnlyFans Advice

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2022.01.21 16:26 mememerizer Sister Wives: The Worst Things The Wives Have Said About Kody Brown

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2022.01.21 16:26 JacoboAriel Mihoyo should improve his talent books strategy

I am currently prefarming exclusively for Zhongli, I need 114 philosophy of gold and 69 guides to gold. Every other day I play my 8 runs at taishan mansion, same 4 boring mobs every time. To get all the books I need to run the domain about 200. What's the point of that?
That's is just for one character but lot of them need the same talent books.
I main Eula, Benet, Razor, Noelle, Jean and sometimes Mona, I can't remember how many times I played the forsaken rift. Really, why should I play thousand of times the same domain? Should it be funnier to play everyone? Like, every day my desired talent book is available but in different domains? What do you think about it?
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2022.01.21 16:26 Olive09 Early periods, periods stopping for a day before starting again, bloating even when not on my period, light cramps when not on period, pain next to armpit after period ended ??

More detail from the title, I'm 27, my periods have always been every 30 days since I can remember . Maybe a day before it will start. A few months ago they started to be 3/4/5 days early. They have also started to stop for a full day to where I think my period is over but then it starts again the next day. This past time it was a bit longer than a day. After my period ended completely this month and last month maybe a day or 2 afterwards I got this soreness, tenderness, tightness on the area above my right breast next to my armpit that lasted around 2 or 3 days. I keep getting bloated for seemingly no reason towards the upper stomach area. It really feels like my skin is stretching. I feel pressure in my lower stomach sometmes similar to when I was pregnant with my kids and they were pushing their knees or elbows out. I have slight cramps. I am usually tired but lately I have felt very fatigued, so tired. I'm afraid to go to the doctor. I feel generally unwell. What could this be ?
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2022.01.21 16:26 Sans_Socrates [WTS] Jordan 1 low OG Bred 2015 size 10.5 ($350)

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2022.01.21 16:26 sillie2003 For how much money would you buy a original grand admiral thrawn 170 funko pop?

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2022.01.21 16:26 blandhotsauce1985 Latest Nvidia driver

Anyone else notice that Nvidia dropped a giant turd on your fps with the latest driver?
The only game that appears to be unaffected is Cod warzone/vanguard. But all others I like to play have suffered.
RTX 3060ti @1440p Witcher 3 previously 110 + fps. Now 70 fps DayZ previously 120 + fps. Now 70-90
I haven't really tried other games but this is maddening.
What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.21 16:26 littlefairywingz Photograph of a German girl. Taken at the Philipp Uhl studio in Giessen, Hesse, Germany. Circa 1883/1884

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2022.01.21 16:26 shaboozeybot Toshinden S | Ep. #2 | Brett & Alex & a Sega Saturn | Super Beard Bowl - Super Beard Bros

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2022.01.21 16:26 uncleLem Germany is blocking NATO ally Estonia from giving military support to Ukraine by refusing to issue permits for German-origin weapons to be exported to Kyiv

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2022.01.21 16:26 Alaryar Avez-vous des allergies, et si oui, quels sont vos symptômes ? A quel point ça vous handicape au quotidien ?

Il n'y a jamais eu d'allergie connue dans ma famille, et les seuls amis qui en ont, c'est le classique "allergique aux poils de chat", où ça se manifeste par des éternuements et le nez qui coule.
Je ne sais pas si mon mari a une allergie ou pas : il doit se moucher régulièrement (plusieurs fois par jour, tous les jours de l'année), parce que son nez coule. Toute l'année également, il a une toux qui le poursuit.
Pour ceux qui sont allergiques, ou qui en connaissez, il y a des allergies qui pourraient expliquer ce "comportement" chronique ? Je suppose qu'il y a bien la poussière ou les acariens, mais je ne sais pas trop comment ça se manifeste, et j'imagine que ça diffère selon les gens.
Ou alors dans le cas de mon mari, ça pourrait être complètement autre chose, un système immunitaire défaillant d'une quelconque façon ? On a aucune autre piste que l'allergie pour l'instant.
Mais du coup, comme je ne connais pas ce monde, à quel point ça vous handicape ? Restrictions au restaurant ? Devoir regarder les ingrédients de chaque chose que vous achetez ? Devoir demander en boulangerie si tel ou tel produit contient du gluten, et passer pour le relou de service à chaque fois ?
Il y a beaucoup d'allergies "dangereuses" au point de devoir appeler les urgences si vous entrez en contact avec ?
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2022.01.21 16:26 Bomboooo "Don't worry guys I'm fine!"

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2022.01.21 16:26 _to_ot_ Terraria won't launch on steam

So, my Terraria won't launch on steam when i press play. I have no idea why this is the case, so i turned to reddit to ask for help. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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