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Who else feels like this when learning cybersecurity sometimes? Just me

Answer (1 of 13): If you enjoy programming, and don't have a particular passion for security, go into software development. The security industry already has enough people just playing a role with no special interest in the topic, and it's hurting security as a whole. Do what you're good at and... Cybersecurity incidents are a growing threat to the health care industry in general and hospitals in particular. The health care industry has lagged behind other industries in protecting its main stakeholder (ie, patients), and now hospitals must invest considerable capital and effort in protecting their systems. “Cybersecurity will be a necessary expertise and the need for skilled technicians is likely to only increase making it a good long-term bet for a career.” Organizations are starting to recognize that cyber security, privacy, and risk management are no longer topics discussed in the server room, Moreland says. But the bad news is, ‘the board gets it and they want to do something about cybersecurity.’ But of course it really is good news. Bruno Haring . In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous? Al Gore . The only crime that has been proven is the hack. That is the story ... “I just wanted to let you know several of our employees have commented to me how wonderful your people are. In the past, some of us 'technology challenged' people were made to feel dumb or stupid if we had something wrong with our computers, we really appreciate how your staff has treated us so respectfully.” Log4j is an incredibly common Java logging utility that is found in a large portion of Java applications. Because of the nature of this vulnerability, we expect this to persist in environments for months to years, similar to Shellshock.To successfully execute an attack, a threat actor only needs to control a string that is logged out by a Java application that uses Log4j. Just 40% of businesses say they’re prepared to handle cyber attacks. I don’t have a magic crystal ball or some way to see into the future, but my gut tells me that cyber criminals aren’t going to just wake up one day and decide to stop hacking websites. Bottom line: Hackers won’t stop trying to gain an edge. Providing a clearer landscape with better network practices is an ideal any technical professional should embrace. Do not become the "lazy admin" that costs your family or your business with the results of a DNS poisoning attack. As always, feel free to reach me. You can find me at @acuralegend on Twitter or via email: acuralegend@gmail.com. Though seemingly harmless, social media use creates cybersecurity risk in a variety of ways. Social media is appealing because humans are inherently social creatures. We like to connect, share and ... Brian Armstrong / @brian_armstrong: 3. I agree there is an overall move toward using platforms. But there is a big difference between using a platform that also owns all the data also (web2) and a platform that is merely a proxy to decentralized data (web3).

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2022.01.21 16:53 thefatpigeon Genset hookup cec

Most gensets will tend to have some 20,30and 50 amp receptacles. They also have a lug set at 100 amp. If you have a panel with a main breaker can you run smaller wire protected by the panel main or do you need to run cable capable of 100 amp?
This is CEC and would be for temporary construction power.
If seen multiple cab tires tied into them before feeding multiple locations. I guess it works haha.
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2022.01.21 16:53 Whey-Men Indiana - What happens when the prison guard who’s supposed to protect you abuses you?

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2022.01.21 16:53 francisclancy H: weapon armor & pa armor W: handmade & minigun

(Junk/Caps) weapons I would take junk for & caps. Mostly looking for ballistic fiber, asbestos, gears, adhesive & oil
Looking for a ve15rl handmade & minigun
Anti-Armor 25 ffr 15vats Fixer
Stalker 50vhc 15rl Handmade(junk/caps)
Gourmand 50vc 15rl Handmade(junk/caps)
Junkie 50vhc 15rl Handmade(junk/caps)
Junkie 50vc 25 lvc Railway(junk/caps)
Junkie 40power attack +1S Super Sludge(junk/caps)
Vampire Ex 25 lvc .50 cal
Assassin Sent 25poison res USA RL(junk/caps)
Auto-Stim Cav 25 rad resist FSA RA
Bolstering Cav +1A Marine LA
Unyielding Cav Ap USA Chest
Unyielding 25 rad resist Junk reduced FSA LL(junk/caps)
Auto Stim Cav Ap Excavator RL
Bolstering AP 5% deal energy damage Excavator RL(junk/caps)
Vanguard Cav +C Excavator LA(junk/caps)
Mirelurk King Tube(3)(junk/caps)
Super Mutant Tube(junk/caps)
Wenidgo Tube(3)(junk/caps)
Anti-Armor Ex +1A Railway
Bloodied 50vhc 250 damage resist Handmade(junk/caps)
Bloodied 50vc 15vats Handmade
Bloodied Ex 50 damage resist Handmade
Instigating 50vhc 15vats Railway(junk/caps)
Juggernaut Ex 90 reduced weight Fixer(junk/caps)
Nocturnal Ex +1A Assault Rifle(junk/caps)
Quad 50vhc +1 Plasma Rifle(junk/caps)
Stalker 50vhc 15rl Fixer(junk/caps)
Vampire Ex 250 damage resist Railway
Vampire 50vhc 15rl Combat Rifle(junk/caps)
Bolstering Cav 25 rad resist USA LA
Unyielding +25 poision resist Junk reduced FSA Chest(junk/caps)
Weightless 15% damage blocking +S FSA Chest(junk/caps)
Weightless Sent +1L FSA RA
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2022.01.21 16:53 af24007 Nunca mais me relaciono com mina de periferia

Antes de tudo quero deixar claro que nunca morei na periferia e sei que existem pessoas boas na periferia, não estou generalizando mas conto minha experiência. Quando eu era moleque perdi minha virgindade com uma menina de periferia, ela era mãe solteira e ainda gostava do ex marido, ela era muito interesseira e quase destruiu minha vida, na época eu tinha 17 eu era muito novo e inocente mas graças a Deus na época desviei da bala e terminei, imagino que até golpe da barriga ela tentou dar.
Depois aos 20 anos conheci outra mina também de periferia, ela morava nas quebradas era uma crente virgem e tava doida pra sair de casa pra casar pra viver a "disney gospel", eu como era um crente fanático e totalmente sem noção e ingênuo, caí na graça dela e casei com a princesa da disney gospel. Resultado? Outra interesseira que só queria minha grana, depois de quase 8 anos caí na real no que eu tava vivendo e divorciei, graças a Deus não tive filhos com ela.
E hoje com 35 to casado desde a pandemia (morando junto e casamos ano passado) advinha, com outra menina de periferia. Essa é a clássica das quebradas mesmo, da periferia tradicional, transou com muitos homens, curtiu a vida e agora quis um otário como provedor, imagino talvez até teve deve ter transado com traficante, vivia em baladas e festas e putaria, enfim to pensando em cortar esse ciclo da minha vida, por mais que ela é parceira, fez faculdade, ela trabalha e é independente...não dá mais pra ficar me envolvendo com esse tipo de gente, povo dela é da pesada, sinceramente. Tenho até conversado com um advogado sobre divórcio.
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2022.01.21 16:53 pervdude96 Requesting r/SelenaGomezLust. I have 2 Top Moderators that are inactive ( 1 Year and 6 Years ) and one Suspended Top Mod, and want them to be removed from the Subreddit as an Moderator. Im the only activ mod (with 1 other mod) on this subreddit for the last 3 years.

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2022.01.21 16:53 tiata247 Any educators with a PPS in California?

Hi everyone! This may be a long shot, but I’m looking to see if there are any educators/school staff with a Pupil Personnel Services credential in California, and especially those who may have transferred licenses from another state. I’m a school counselor in the process of transferring my PPS license from Virginia before I relocate this summer, and would love to DM a few questions to anyone who’d be willing to chat! Ty!
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