The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go

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2022.01.21 17:00 Mental-Street6665 So as I play through Brilliant Diamond, I think I’m starting to understand a little bit while long time Pokémon fans are unimpressed by Sword and Shield.

Even though it’s graphically not as impressive a game and it lacks many of the features that I enjoy in Sword (like Poké Jobs for example) Brilliant Diamond is actually a much bigger game with a much richer story to tell. As I was telling my wife (who has been a Pokémon fan since childhood, but is not a fan of Gen 4 at all) last night, I really like the way this game delves deep into the mythology and gives you a real purpose behind exploring and interacting with other characters beyond just gym battles and leveling up your Pokémon against strangers. I mean, that’s part of it obviously, but it’s not as much a part of it as it is in Sword. Or rather, this game has a lot more to it than just that in comparison to Sword.
The main innovation that Sword and Shield bring to the table is dynamaxing, which is kind of pointless honestly and doesn’t really advance the story as far as I can tell. But in Brilliant Diamond I feel like I’m doing some real adventuring and solving a mystery while also confronting a major overarching threat, almost like in a Zelda game. And the characters seem like they have more depth to them then they do in Sword, though Sword does have a few characters that I love such as Marnie (bae) and Sonia (straight-up waifu).
Don’t get me wrong; Sword is still lots of fun, but I think that Brilliant Diamond has more meat to it, if that makes any sense. Even though it’s technically an older game, it feels more complex and I feel like I get more out of it than I do out of Sword, which is more or less just a straight grind until you fight Leon (Rose?) at the end. I love the sense of exploration and the strategy that has to be used in Brilliant Diamond, and how non-linear it is in comparison to Sword. If this is how the older games all are then no wonder the newer ones don’t get as much praise as they did.
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2022.01.21 17:00 Jealous_Welcome_9613 Can some one please tell me if the ribbed design is called a specific technique and what it's done with

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2022.01.21 17:00 MommyCamillaHatesMe Why giving 1 vote to Candace in CYL6 would be pretty cool (informal, rambling "essay")

Okay, before I get into Candace herself, I want to give some background here because Candace's story goes deep into meta-narrative.
First of all, anyone even slightly aware of the background of FE Fates will tell you that there was a LOT of cut content. As the FE community cycled around and the specifically Fates-focused fanbase faded out a bit; most of the actual cut content that can be proven is no longer common knowledge. I think the only thing that really stayed somewhat in people's minds was the speculation of a heavily chopped off script (Though I'M not even sure if that was confirmed at this point). But there were also many, many, many cut playable characters from Fates.
Some characters were cut completely from playability like Iago, Zola, Mikoto, Lilith, etc. However, a somewhat large group of characters DID make it into the game even though their content was heavily cut. These would be the Capturable bosses of Fates. How can we tell their content was cut? Well, this is where we lead into Candace (and Nichol, but I'll get into him later).
Candace had wayyy more assets than what actually ended up getting used in the game. For example, she also had a critical cut-in animation which captured units generally lacked. She also got a Twitter icon on top of being the only capturable boss CYL candidates until CYL 5 along with Nichol. Candace was one of the many characters with an unused "blushing" portrait that we see in S-Support dialogue. We can even confirm that's the case because data existed to show off that Candace was among the characters who was listed as being able to support Corrin. (Not inspiring, but mostly well-compiled list of this in the trivia section of her wiki page)
The wiki speculates that she was likely meant to be a primary cast member that was demoted to a capturable boss, but I don't think that would really be the case. I think Capturable bosses in general were meant to be fully implemented characters from the start, but implementing a character into Fates takes a LOT of resources compared to any other game up to that point. The team likely just got couldn't deliver on their own ambition, so they scaled things back by cutting the story characters along with reducing the scope of captures.
Candace and Nichol were characters that Maeda has been propping up for a long time, though. Since they were partially implemented within Fates they probably were fleshed out fairly well but just needed to have that effort dropped. This is similar to Claude with all of his dropped content, but these 2 came from a time where we didn't have the open dialogue to discuss everything that was cut to the players.
So, now that's good and all, but why would that lead to anyone wanting to cast votes on her in CYL? Well, it's simply because she doesn't need enough votes to win a Brave or even be popular. Fates is among the many titles now where most of its top 5 cast (not in FEH) in CYL 5 didn't crack 1k votes. In fact, the bottom of the top 5 only had 535 votes. Candace on the other hand had 100. It wouldn't take much rallying to make her a serious contender for a Fates NH banner. Basically if 300-400 of the thousands of people on here cast even 1 vote then she becomes a serious option.
It would just be nice to see her get an FB conversation. Candace never really got to see the light of day, and I'd love to see a way where we can slip her personality into a new avenue, or maybe explore her untold story. Even though that's a bit optimistic, the director for FEH was also the director for Fates, iirc, so we have the person who got to see her behind-the-scenes. I really loved Fates and I want to have the material to be as passionate about this character as the director of my favorite FE game is.
So, doesn't Nichol deserve the same treatment as Candace? Why vote for her over him if he's in the same boat? Well, he does deserve just as much as her. I just can't imagine rallying enough people to the point where their 33 vote difference doesn't matter. My biggest hope would be that Maeda would pull out some huge bias and bring Nichol with Candace if she got into the game. Potentially on a FEH unit tie-in month where we got double demotes?
My final point I'd like to make is simply to put her one story scene we got into this rambling. None of the previous dialogue even matters if she isn't charming, and I think she really is! She's an incredibly shifty and crude character with a lot of self-confidence and general charisma!

Midori: Um... Hey, you! Yes, YOU! With the bag! That's mine!
Candace: Eh? Sharp eye, kid. People don't usually see me when I'm tiptoeing around.
Midori: Well, the fact is, I'm not a kid. I'm the biggest herb gatherer around! And you're running around with some pretty bad guys!
Candace: Well, if we're comparing facts, I am NOT with these barbarians. I travel among them. They make for a nice distraction while I do my work. No one even sees me walk amid the whole hairy, smelly horde of them! And who am I, you may ask? She who locates legendary riches! A genius! And explorer! I'm none other than Candace, the notorious treasure hunter!
Midori: Um, what? Does this have something to do with my bag? Explain yourself!
Candace: Leave it to Candace! I have explanations for every occasion! You see, I learned that the rare Dragon Herbs were hereabouts! As I've said, I am a treasure hunter. You had something I treasured. The rest is just math. Ergo, what's yours is now mine.
Midori: Well, the fact is that I found those herbs first. You stole my bag!
Candace: Facts again? Then let me drop another fact on you. You took the herbs from this forest, didn't you? Wouldn't that make YOU a thief?
Midori: Nuh-uh!
Candace: Then I'm not a thief either! I could stand here and complain about you dragging my name through the mud. But Candace is going to take the high road—and just say good-bye. You could try to take back your bag. But I'll warn you. I'm quick as a wink.
So anyway, I didn't expect to change anyone's mind, I just wanted to write about why Candace should get into FEH kthnxbye
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2022.01.21 17:00 forever-a-chrysalis Got some shitty news last night before I could celebrate my longest run. Graduated C25K a few weeks ago and am working on 5Kto10k!

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2022.01.21 17:00 Robert_Fuckler Local head shop is closed today, any idea for a fix? Any way to cut the wide end shorter without breaking it? (Don’t worry, I’m cleaning the bowl right now lol)

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2022.01.21 17:00 Administrative_Bid78 A nightmare I miss for some reason.

I have recurrent nightmares from time to time. For a very long time a had this dream about a room above my dads garage. The room looked pretty normal, like a big guestroom, but the ceiling was pretty low and the windows was small, like basement windows. There was a bed, a small dresser, normal furniture. But everytime a dreamt about this room I had the mort awful feeling of dread, like I had to get out of there. Someting in that room was really off and evil. One night I had this dream but someting was different. I felt totaly safe and calm. But when I left the room and went outside I get the same feeling of dread outside. Now the room I was so afraid of had became the only place I could feel safe and the rest of the world made me panic in fear. Since that night I never had that dream again and in som way, I miss it and I dont know why.
Please exuse my spelling. English is not my first language.
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2022.01.21 17:00 zesty_boii So precious 💖 (Yotsuba Nakano of the Quintessential Quintuplets) tied with Nino for #6 on the waifu list

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2022.01.21 17:00 Draconis510 H:q/e/90 ult laser W:fixer an enclave plasma bundle

Looking to start a 2525 fixer collection! Would also like a q/50/15v fixer to be included in the bundle and maybe a aa/50c enclave plasma
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2022.01.21 17:00 Beckles28nz U.S. opposes plans to strengthen World Health Organization

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Sign up for each of these and earn up to $140 in cash bonuses. These offers are available in the US only


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